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Mack AI460 AI427 AMI low torque low horsepower poor fuel mileage granite , dead dog , remediation

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12 hours ago, Joey Mack said:

I may have made a boo boo again.. is it 5/8" and you use a 7/16" bolt...  unbelievable..... i just did this 3 weeks ago and my brain just 'farted' I hope you get what i'm saying....  Too funny to me.... jojo

Hey Bro ! brain Farts relieve  pressure on brain strain !😇 They changed these 3 or 4 times  extruded to intruded  9/16 to 15mm  and 14mm how's a guy to remember everything your off the hook Buddy!

We still love ya buddy

🥰 😂

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I thank you all for the clarification.on a side note , I spoke to Mike at k&s and he doesn't have any cores to build injectors, therefore anyone wanting the 427/460 injectors will have to send those in and wait for him to build them to your specs..I opted to buy them from m&d distributors , they were brand new from Bosch ,no core needed 116$ each and a seal kit for like 3.50$ that includes both o rings and metal seal washer.

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Also replaced the  Switzer s400, for a remanufactured borg warner.they told me that my Switzer was not repairable, I think they just didn't stock the parts for that old turbo.turbine shaft had no play , just a bad oil seal.


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49 minutes ago, 03' Big Red said:

I have a 2003 RD686S with the  AMI 370, can I put that software in a 1998 ECM RD688SX 

the 2003 has a Eaton the 1998 has a Allison, would that be a issue ?

Someone  correct me if I'm wrong , but Allisons are kinda limited on torque and hp options I believe.


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On 10/28/2021 at 10:52 AM, fjh said:

I have an added sequence when installing injector lines! It involves tightening the the injector down snug then backing it off to just touching tight! Then tightening  and torquing the line ! Theory behind this is it allows for the injector to find its happy place if there is any variance in the alignment ball in the head! Not sure if it helps on the e7  but have done this for ever! As we used to have issues with the V8 Lines back in the day, specially when they converted to the Robert bosch fuel pump  and were using the ball for elinment on the injector it seemed to help doing this! just something to try if you have a leaker!


This is similar to the sequence Cummins uses for injectors.

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I thought I would give everyone an update on how the truck is progressing.

Being a quint axle dump truck grossing 72000lbs , I was averaging 4.3 mpg with the s400 turbo and higher flow exhaust manifold.then replaced two unit pumps that were bad, mpg went up to 4.70 mpg, finally I installed the 427/460 injectors and mpg went up to around 5mpg.These numbers have been very consistent for almost a month now..all that is left is 427hp update, I already have a efile ready to go with mack, but since there is so much work now, I can't be down one truck.Truck definitely has more power and requires less downshift ,but then I again power wasn't my main goal..I'm after the mpg, that's what's putting money back in my pocket , come on!!

Thanks R.E.D

You all have a blessed Sunday.


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Ok, we did this recipe on our 04 Granite, and are pretty happy with the results. With 26k hours on the motor, one hole a little lazy in the morning till well warmed up, and a bit more oil consumption than i like, we are considering a inframe. There is a shop not too far that has a mack guru that we are told can do it right with the dry, non oringed sleeves. 
Contemplating a cam change at the same downtime to eliminate the egr bump all together. 
If we were to do the cam....

A. What cam recommended

B. What lifters(same?)

Any other suggestions?

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