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Walcott Antique Truck Museum

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Absolutely awesome stuff :twothumbsup:

So many beautifully restored trucks and so many early ones.

Thank you for posting the wide and detailed report.

Some of the museum rigs were seen on here before but it's a real pleasure to put an eye on them again.

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Fantastic stuff I reckon it would take a while to have a good look around something else to do before I fall of the perch the bucket list is getting longer


I hear you I am glad it was raining to make me want to stay and look at everything


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damn that's a load of pics right there. im liking that B61SE with the cast radiator. im guessin that 1935 BM is one of Bob Browns old trucks? Superdog would know.

The B with the cast radiator isn't a SE,the guy that restored and actually used this truck,Calvin Cochran,put a B81 radiator in it just to be different.a little known story about this truck, Calvin had another B61 sleeper cab he was rebuilding,so he was running this one while he worked on the other. He stopped at a truck show and the late Bill Moon saw the truck and really liked it. He told Calvin to name his price,not really wanting to sell it,he gave what he thought was a pretty high asking price,but Bill said sold and wrote him a check.Calvin tried to back out on the deal because he needed this truck to haul steel while the other was getting finished,but Bill just said to keep it and drive it until he had the other done,then bring it out to Iowa.

The BM is one of Brown's old trucks.

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