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1963 C85 Pumper

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Quick little update; I have most of the items off the cab, and am shooting for a late September timeframe for painting.  I've been looking online for mounting strips for the chrome trim pieces, as some of them are rotted beyond repair, but haven't had any luck so far.  


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It's been a while since there have been any updates, but at least I have a good reason (or reasons)   Things have been a little busy on the personal side of life for me recently, as our twin sons were

Back in February, I purchased a 1963 C85 engine. The engine spent her in-service time in Bellwood and Philipsburg, PA and then went to Harrisburg as a parade piece for the Camp Curtin volunteers. Th

Went out drafting today, and the rig pumped for about 45 minutes with no problems!  Yesterday, I figured out which drain lines were broken and leaking, and capped off the ports for those lines where t

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I would be interested to know what you come up with when you remount the trim. I’ve been wondering what to use myself. I was thinking about getting a copy of the drawings from the MACK museum and getting them reproduced.  

Good luck


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On 8/11/2019 at 9:36 PM, 609albert said:

try Matt Pfahl in CT, 203-266-6455   

also try to contact Don Holden also in CT. he owns a fleet of C models  (his phone is listed in the spaamfa member list ,good luck

I thought VALS327 above was Don Holden.  Is it not?  Mike.  

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Not a whole lot to update on this project, a few weeks ago I managed to get the headlight panel off, opting to cut the front intake adapter off after many non-destructive attempts.  What I've found to be interesting is that as I removed a lot of the trim pieces, I found only primer underneath, seeming to indicate that the trim was placed before the rig was painted.  My plans of getting the paint done before cold weather set in never came to pass, but I'm hoping to hit the ground running again in the spring.


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What a hard year.  I am sorry to hear that.  The ladder looks great though.  Keep plugging away.  Mike. 

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On 1/11/2021 at 10:28 AM, General Ike said:

ff6cav.... I am sorry for your losses.  Lost my old man at 59 when I was at college in Gettysburg.

Were did you get hired?

Thank you, and that had to be tough for you being away from your family when it happened.  I'm now working for the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire, and before that was at Chambersburg for about 2 years; they both use the same academy at HACC, but of course with Covid going on that made things more interesting the second time through!

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