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I've been working on the Brockway for the last couple weeks. I bought a used steel dump body from a junk yard to replace the original penn dump body which was really beat. Anyway i hope to have it

Back to work. After many years of neglect as a "site truck" for the previous owner The brockway started hauling again on thursday. The rebuilt suspension works Great.

That's the plan. I used to run an RD but i sold it a couple years ago. Now i 'am ready to quit the desk job and get behind the wheel again.

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front spring trouble. Jensen and Mitchell has one $800 and that is without the bottom two leaves.  That appears  to be the going rate and nobody I called locally has one.  Stengle bros said six weeks to get one.   If anybody has a closer or cheaper source let me know.   I thought i could just get the main leaf and wrapper replaced but  i can't find anybody with one so far.  It seems spring shops that actually make springs have become a thing of the past. 



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Have you asked your question over on brockwaytrucks.org??? There is a lot of expertise on their especially for an east coast truck..


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Superior Spring in Canton, Ohio made new main leaf for my Mack a couple years ago.  They didn't offer the right eyelet so they made it for me and reclamped the pack.



1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

Charter member of the "MACK PACK"


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