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  1. try central spring in Tamaqua Pa they have done real good with all my buddies triaxles there number is 570-386-4195
  2. Thanks I will post more pics when I get it home. It was originally a road tractor for penske is what the steering wheel says
  3. I think it means it has the smaller depth cab like the early r's most of them had the steel dash unlike the newer r's there deeper or bubble out. I could be wrong but that is what I gathered so far
  4. Name: Mack U model (1980) Date Added: 12 February 2016 - 08:01 AM Owner: mackr400 Short Description: Single axle dump truck View Vehicle
  5. Thanks for the info this is a 1980 and has the flat back cab on it.
  6. Hi looking at a single axle u model dump the truck is in pretty decent shape except the cab is really rusty i was wondering if the where any clean cabs out there or would a dm cab be the same. Im sure the exact year yet but it dose have the tan plastic dash and a 237 and 5 speed in it. thanks for the help Phil
  7. Hi I have new clevite piston and liner kits for sale also have gaskets sets available as well. Clevite numbers G-833 -226-1835 Nt 855 Cummins I have one set of 6 piston and liners $800.00 obo G- 804 - 226-1772 Nt 855 Cummins I have 3 pistons and liners $150.00 each obo G - 770h 226-16884 Mack E6 I have 2 sets of 6 pistons and liners $800.00 each obo G- 625h 226-1506 cummins maybe a 495 I have one set of 6 piston and liners $700.00 obo any questions just ask Thanks Phil
  8. The B85 in the Leigh valley is a triaxle with a Cummings in it and she runs it every day and for night work as well she is leased to the same company as my buddy's fleet
  9. This show is a really nice smaller show defiantly worth the trip I will be there with the super liner
  10. Thanks I will call them today and yes they are crazy to buy a new one
  11. looking for the top chrome piece where the Mack lettering bolts to Thanks Phil
  12. Name: MACK Super Liner (1984) Date Added: 16 September 2015 - 03:57 PM Owner: mackr400 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  13. Thanks for all the help guys just trying to figure out which way I want to put it on the road that 1900 dollar a year regular registration is a killer. Thanks Phil
  14. Hi I was wondering if you can haul a trailer in pa with antique tags and can you take old tractors and equipment on that trailer. thanks for any help I have been getting a ton of different answers.
  15. Its a 15 speed eaton with neway air ride and mack rears it has 925,000 on and it does have the e6 350 the interior is surprising in good shape I was kinda surprised myself
  16. Here are some pics I did not do a whole lot to it yet Thanks Phil
  17. I got a new to me 1984 superliner and was wondering what the model number stood for RWS788LST Thanks Phil Will post pics latter
  18. The Old Time Plowboys is haveing there annual tractor show on Aug. 11 and 12 in kutztown pa and we are try to get the old trucks involed more so if anyone wants to come out that would be great its free to get in and free parking any questions either check out the website www.oldtimeplowboys.com or call me 610-704-0124 thanks Phillip
  19. I will be there with any luck the r400 will be done enough to bring over
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