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  1. MmIoOfAm looking to find a b  model to fix up down here in Florida.just throwing around a few ideas.have any of u heard of a b series Cummins swap into a b model? Does a bell housing exist to adapt to a triplex .I know a guy who put a 10 speed road ranger behind one in a f350 Ford hotshot used a stock bell housing. The. Torque specs are similar or higher as is the horsepower,compared to a673. 1000 lb lighter.I realize this is sacrilege! Would prefer a 673 if I could find a good runner.has to b a compound as the shifting is half the fun in a "hobby truck".thanks!

    1. BillyT
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      Dammit! I just deleted my whole post,by accident !

  2. try central spring in Tamaqua Pa they have done real good with all my buddies triaxles there number is 570-386-4195
  3. Thanks I will post more pics when I get it home. It was originally a road tractor for penske is what the steering wheel says
  4. I think it means it has the smaller depth cab like the early r's most of them had the steel dash unlike the newer r's there deeper or bubble out. I could be wrong but that is what I gathered so far
  5. Name: Mack U model (1980) Date Added: 12 February 2016 - 08:01 AM Owner: mackr400 Short Description: Single axle dump truck View Vehicle
  6. Thanks for the info this is a 1980 and has the flat back cab on it.
  7. Hi looking at a single axle u model dump the truck is in pretty decent shape except the cab is really rusty i was wondering if the where any clean cabs out there or would a dm cab be the same. Im sure the exact year yet but it dose have the tan plastic dash and a 237 and 5 speed in it. thanks for the help Phil
  8. Hi I have new clevite piston and liner kits for sale also have gaskets sets available as well. Clevite numbers G-833 -226-1835 Nt 855 Cummins I have one set of 6 piston and liners $800.00 obo G- 804 - 226-1772 Nt 855 Cummins I have 3 pistons and liners $150.00 each obo G - 770h 226-16884 Mack E6 I have 2 sets of 6 pistons and liners $800.00 each obo G- 625h 226-1506 cummins maybe a 495 I have one set of 6 piston and liners $700.00 obo any questions just ask Thanks Phil
  9. The B85 in the Leigh valley is a triaxle with a Cummings in it and she runs it every day and for night work as well she is leased to the same company as my buddy's fleet
  10. This show is a really nice smaller show defiantly worth the trip I will be there with the super liner
  11. Thanks I will call them today and yes they are crazy to buy a new one
  12. looking for the top chrome piece where the Mack lettering bolts to Thanks Phil
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