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  1. Looking for an original. Like in the attached photo. No cheap knock offs please.
  2. Are these maxi cans still available???
  3. Hello Dan,

    I have a 48 EF that I am in the process of putting together. Would you have a window regulator (drivers side) ? 

    Thanks Brent Saxonburg PA

  4. I'm Interested in any literature for Mack FN. Thanks Dan Avery 

    1. BillyT


      Not  related to today's topics,when the237 Maxidyne came out in the 60's with the 5 speed triple  countershaft transmission overdrive magazine along with mack did a road test comparison of two identical r models same load,trailer, and two similarly experienced drivers. One mack had the Maxine and the other had a 250 Cummins 10 speed r.r. the maxidyne, did better on the hills and the 10speed did better on the flat if I recall correctly.I used to haul steel outta Pgh. With an r model maxidyne,it pulled real well for a little engine! Forcing yourself to let it drop to1200 before shifting was a stretch after driving  detroit,Cummins,and mack  with r.r and compounds! Thought I would bore some of you younger drivers with that,some older dudes might remember the article.

    2. BillyT


      Hope the asphalt plant paid for the damage. !

  5. Yes my 89 also has the Canadian spread with the Allentown plate.
  6. Nice! Glad to see it stay in the area. Send me a PM sometime as I am also a proud owner of a Mack Jr, And also working on a Hot Rod version as well.
  7. I am Interested. Give me a call please. Dan 860-924-8463
  8. Could you please e-mail some photo's to me? or please give me a call. I am interested. Thanks Dan
  9. I will,Thanks for your help
  10. I'm looking for a good rust free L-Model cab. Prefer style with the crank out windshields,but that wouldn't be a deal breaker.I'm located in Connecticut but I'm willing to travel. Dan Avery 860-924-8463 or dan10a@hotmail.com
  11. I'm looking for a good solid cab for a L-Model Thanks Dan 860-841-4835 cell or dan10a@hotmail.com
  12. I missed this cab so I'm still looking for a good solid L-Model cab.
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