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  1. I've got those numbers mark. Mains 64GB21783BP1. Big ends 62GB2361P1 Cheers ken
  2. ken 903

    Ken 903

    Wanted. Mains and big end bearings for 866 Mack V8. Parts number mains 64GB21783BP1. Big ends 62GB 2361P1. Cheers ken
  3. Hi mark I will get those numbers for you on Monday cheers
  4. Hi mark does your collection have any main and big end bearings for 866 Mack V8 engines
  5. Have you still got this engine Richie
  6. Wanted. Standard big end and main bearings to suit 866 Mack V8 also gasket set ,liners ,water pump and cam bearings for R700
  7. [attachment=68965:image. This is the 3070 international eagle
  8. Haven a beer in the Mack shed the Macks on fire.
  9. Just another assie corn binder.
  10. Hi Chevy have you got a photo of a conco COE I've never seen one cheers
  11. Don't worry about phil. Dan he could talk under water with a mouth full of marbles. Cheers
  12. A butter box ACCO 2050 international was a game changer in aus. V8 cummins engine 10 sp RR no heater no comfit. But a honest worker
  13. Hi dan. Phil is really going to love that drive wish we could be there. A bit commited to Alice springs this year. May be US trip next year cheers
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