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  1. Sorry. I haven't had much time. Right now it looks like nothing but a pile of tools and boxes. What kind of pictures would you like? Bushings? Bearings? Seals? Oil filters?
  2. I have a box of engine bearings I need to go through, but I may have something. Let me check. If you have a part number it might help. Most of them are Clevite/Michigan. When I try to run PNs, they don't come up with any description
  3. I do have I believe one new air tank and one used. I'll check the PNs.
  4. Found a couple cartons of old Mack truck microfiche cards. These worth anything anymore?
  5. Never heard of them being unreliable or poorly built. In my opinion, it all depends on the owner/operator and how they take care of their machines, trucks and equipment. It's about understanding the piece of machinery, knowing how to operate it probably and caring for it properly. I'll quote a decal we have on our crane at work, " If this machine doesn't work, neither do you ". Every person that respects and cares for there trucks can have them last a lifetime. It can't be expected of a truck to just stay in one piece with a lot of abuse and without care. I know a few guys that drove and operated a few lt, ltl and other similar Mack trucks. I've never heard a bad word of the older Mack trucks. I understand you can get a lemon occasionally and I know some people just have bad luck with certain products.
  6. Not sure yet on the emblems, I've been going through the parts and I come across something new just about every time I look. I know I have some emblems and horn buttons. As for NLA parts or filters, I definitely have a few. I've been running part numbers, checking and trying to cross reference them. I have a lot of OEM Fleetguard filters that don't seem to exist or cross reference. as for selling the parts, that's my plan. It would probably be easier to sell the whole lot, but I want to go through them to see if there's anything I want. I'm definitely not going to turn someone down if the need something specific. I plan on selling the majority of the Mack parts, as I currently don't own one. Having all these parts, definitely makes it tempting to get one though.
  7. I'll see if I have time to get some pictures after work tomorrow. Thanks. Mark
  8. Not that it means much, but I'm a mechanic by trade, so I do have an idea on certain things. I'm just looking for other opinions. Thanks again. Mark
  9. Not sure if this is the right discussion board. But anyway, a few months ago, I bought out a truck shop(minus the building). I bought it for the tools and shop equipment, but it turns out that a large amount of parts were included in the selling price. 90% of the parts are for Mack R models and Superliners, with a few B model parts and some other makes. The majority of the parts are new in box, but some are used. The shop had been closed up for a while and was damp, musty and moldy. A bunch of parts suffer from rust or moisture damage. Some of them I know are salvageable. Most of my concern is for internal parts(engine, transmission, axle) and filters. Some of the internal parts have a light coating of rust and the steel canister filters have rust on the rims and the cartridge filters and air filters have been exposed to moisture and mold. So my question is, are the internal parts and filters usable or garbage? Thanks. Mark
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