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FL and H for sale in Alberta Canada

BC Mack

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  • 2 weeks later...

Looks like a normal amount of snow in my neck of the woods. Brrrr...

BC Mack, thank you for the work done, too interesting to see.

Sorry (or happily?) I'm too far away to catch some amount of nice old treasures.

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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they didnt run out of that nasty olive color fast enough in my book.... kinda odd seein a 73 F model in green tho. honestly don't think ive seen any in my lifetime newer than a 72 anyways. and I second that comment about the snow Mike. seems its all fun and games when it snows and your a kid, once you start moving it 15

hours a day you hate snow..


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Could you apply for a duplicate title for the H? You should pick that thing up

I'm pretty sure the H is spoken for or even gone.... he had an Albertan buyer that was ringing him daily for it..

titles... hmmm...

seemed strange that no paperwork exists, however, the son never inherited the truck nor is he given responsibility or power of attorney for disbursements of the estate, nor did he make a court claim to reposses property abandoned on his property.... got to be worried about another family member making a claim after you have restored it.... in a court of law, today, he couldn't prove he was the owner... legally... so, within Alberta it MAY be possible to come up with something as there was a licence plate inside the H....

BUT... if I bought the F or H and moved it to BC, even though it is still within Canada, I was told I would need copy of will, copy of death cert, notorized statement that son was family member responsible for sale, copy of vehicle history from Alberta government... a bill of sale is not good enough..... and then a Commercial Vehicle Inspection before I could register it here in BC and licence it as a "Collector Vehicle", after yet another inspection..... it was, at best, an organ donor for me without paperwork and with freight at $5 per loaded mile at 800 miles there was a math problem.

got to be the same issues in the states for vehicles "found on a farm" and moved to another state... there is no exemption for antique, the "import" needs an inspection and the nearest is "commercial truck".... and since I'm an approved inspector here in BC I know there is no wiggle room for this.

hope this didn't "over answer" your question....

to make my life easier I may take on a BC registered "F model".... one of the rare ones with "Hayes" badges, no dogs just Grizzly Bears on the doors!!!!.... :twothumbsup:

BC Mack


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Back in 72 and 73 if a truck didn't sell by end of thye year they would update title. that would explain the green interior. a friend of mine bought a new dm800 in 73. It was a green cab and steel dash. the dealer updated the year because it never was titled and was still new. I don't think they can do that now a days

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