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New Member/Old truck (still working)


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Glad you are hanging onto a great truck. Lots of help here. You could start with the Mack Museum. With a small donation, you can have all the info about your truck just by giving them your VIN# Then wait for your packet to come in the mail. Ebay is where most of us get the Manuals etc.Unless you can inherit them form someone you know.

Best Regards


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We run a small agricultural supply business in Iowa and one of our trucks is a 1978 RD600. We've added a Red Dot AC and paint but other than that is is fairly stock (I won't say original...) It does about 400 miles a week loaded at 50K delivering products to farms.

Thanks in advance to everyone.


Looks like it has 44K rears. Tell us how it is spec'd out. Love me some R Model Macks..!!

"If it ain't got a motor, I ain't interested.!!"

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You are right Superdog, we have twins--I don't think flat "hotrod" black was a factory color in '78 but maybe. As for the camelback I don't know if it is a 34 or 44K, how would I know? I don't know what rear ends it has other than LOW. At 2100 rpm it does 60 mph. We deliver on all two lanes and gravel roads so it works well (no speeding...). It has the Maxitorque twin stick 6 speed and an ENDT 676 rated at 283 hp. At some point in its life someone combined it with a glider so the only VIN type number we have is RD3307KIT which makes parts guys crazy. We have been running it long enough now that I know some of the right keywords to mention when getting parts so the parts man doesn't implode trying to look up my VIN. If anyone has any more info about tracking a glider VIN it would be helpful.

I just bought a kit from quiet ride and some new window/door seals. I will install it this fall in an effort to retain feeling in my toes and fingers this winter. It took until June to get the feeling back after last winter.

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the 44k rears also have the cone shaped axle caps,which it does look like yours has. We truly do have almost twins,my RD was also a glider,RD3802. Had a hard time with my insurance gal,she said the company claimed it had a invalid VIN. I explained the glider kit thing to her,and all is well now.. Luckily,whoever built mine also put the serial number tag off the truck it was kitted from, Haven't had to order any parts for it yet,but it will be handy if I ever do.

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