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Do I really need 4 batterys?

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Hello everyone! Working on the 79 RD and I have a battery question. I bought the truck with two batterys in it and one is going bad. I want to replace both and add the other two if it's neccessary. Question is, do I need the four batterys? Evidently a Mack engineer somewhere down the line thought so, but what do you guys think?

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Two is all you need. 4 is only needed in extreme conditions. I had just 2 to start my dad's E9 around the yard and it had 2 in it when the guy came and picked it up and it started when it was only 10 degrees out on 2.

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ahem,,only 2 needed. Now, you can get by with no batterys ifn you just hook one of them old crank handles out the front connected to the crankshaft, but you best be a muscled up feller to start it. randyp

I hear ya! I tried using the boat rope method and wrapping a rope around the balancer, but I couldn't get a big enough knot to hold my pull handle on.. So I've decided to go ahead and buy two batterys....

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lads I only use one and have air start to start with works a treat can even start with no battery just need a pen to push the air soliniod


What the air tank do you have for that starter?

Wich size and where on the chassis?

How many starts can you do from its charge?

My R-model with E6-350 fires up well with just one middle size battery when not cold.


Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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