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Mack Savage Mixer

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Mack Trucks purchased Savage Manufacturing Corporation in 1989, making it a Mack subsidiary, Mack Trucks of Utah (for tax reasons). The resulting Mack FDM-700 model (Front Discharge MIxer) was available in both mid-engined (behind the cab) and rear-engined versions (replacing the camshaft on a mid-engined model was a hassle).

Faced with a variety of market challenges, the FDM did not become popular.

Shifting gears in 1998, Mack decided to cooperate with Oshkosh and offer a Mack-powered version of the Oshkosh S Series front-discharge mixer (with a McNeilus drum - Oshkosh owns McNeilus). Oshkosh would assemble the trucks utilizing Mack powertrains.

The new Oshkosh S-Series based Mack-badged truck was called the FCM (Front-discharge-Concrete- Mixer).

As a result of the Mack-Oshkosh agreement, Mack discontinued production of the FDM in Utah and closed that plant, with production ending in September 1998.

The Mack/Oshkosh tie-up ended when Volvo acquired Mack Trucks.

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I have not been in favor of a front discharge mixer, for many reasons. We have lost a few loads, not whole jobs, because we didn't have a "Front". All wheel drive, front discharge, and a Mack, can't really go wrong. It will be great addition. Actually, I'm pretty excited to drive it back.

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What year it is Brad? We had 3 about 15 years ago. They were tandem on front with the same ugly rubber block suspension that they put on the back. One was manual the 2 others had I think eaton automatic with E7-300. The Fabco front axle isn't cheap to fix. We now only run Oshkosh. PM me if you want to know why...

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Too interesting unit to work on my mind.

I'm not in a concrete business but used to provide some construction.

Don't know how they are really easy to deal with and about parts but shure they can do some special works.

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Another Mack back to work,looks like a twin steer Mack on the other side of that one. I have heard the pros and con's but seems to me the lower center of gravity on the mid engine would make it handle better.

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