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  1. YES PLEASE, that is most generous! Thank you! I posted a pic of the cab tilted above.
  2. I have one of these trucks in my backyard. A 1979 run drives and everything but the radio. Side tilting cab was very unique, not too many of these made, only 130. I’m hoping to sell it to someone who will appreciate what it is. Mine is 124 of the 130 produced.
  3. Found this HMM it’s been sitting 19 years. Got it pulled out, put some used rubber on it and fresh oil and fluids. It fired up and drove 110 miles home. Little wash and grease... it all works! Drum spins forward and back. Chutes raise lower side to side. Cab tilts, tags raise and lower. 130,000 miles title says it’s 124 of the 130 produced. Pretty excited about this find. Does anyone know an approximate value or if it’s worth restoring? Mack production post says only 130 of these made between 1973-1979 ??
  4. Just found this incredibly rare front loader. My biggest barn find yet. A 79’ Front Runner HMM6856’S now what to do with it?
  5. I just found one of these fantastic trucks HMM6856S front runner. Drove it 110 miles home, drum spins nice and easy, the chutes work great! Everything works! VIN# says it’s 124th of the 130 made. Now just to figure out what to do with it?
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