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Mack Rail – The Locomotives

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Be neat to know if any of them are sitting in the weeds available for restoration.

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Here is another being hauled to the Pine Creek Railway

I understand this 1936 30-ton Mack locomotive (serial no. 172004) is available. It is now located at the Pine Creek Railroad in Allaire State Park, New Jersey. It was formerly operated by Pouch Terminal Inc. in Staten Island, New York.

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It is a few years after the last post on here, and I joined just now purely to say thank you for this thread.

Been looking for ages but haven't found a good book, or any book, about these things. Is there one escaping my search efforts?

That restored 4 axle job in green and red is really nice. Haven't seen it in person. Or any Mack locomotive for that matter.

Commenting on color brings to mind that I haven't seen comment on what color that 33 ton job was.

I'm not a truck person, don't have a truck.

I do have a few of the garden railway scale 33 tonners by Hartland Locomotive Works in La Porte, Indiana just because the thing has nice lines, even though a bit abstracted in proportion - the chassis is a hair too tall.

A couple of them on a break-in run on large scale track on floor under HO scale layout down at our little bitty model train club,


Oh, and there's something wrong with the registration form page in the "security check to prevent automated programs..." entry block.

It asked "How many cylinders are in a 6 cylinder engine"  and said my answer was incorrect when I answered 'All of them'.

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Welcome to the site.  I'm a truck and train guy myself.  I have the green steeple cab G scale switcher also.  I inherited my fathers G scale stuff he was collecting to build a garden railway.  Unfortunately he passed before laying the first spike.  I have his HO stuff also.   Mostly all 60's vintage steam and diesel equipment.

I saw the #4 box cab at the York ATHS National convention.  Very cool piece.  I know I have a pic somewhere, but I'll reuse the one from above for reference.

Mack Trucks no.4 (2).jpg

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Kscarbel2, your photo of LVRR #50 is my original photo and was ripped directly from the website http://www.trainweb.org/bedt/IndustrialLocos.html with no attribution to myself or the website.

Your posts there were found by doing a fandom Google search. If you do NOT immediately credit or remove them, the owner of the website mentioned above and myself as copyright holder, will begin immediate legal proceedings against you and this website. For unlawful use and breach of copyright. 

Ralph A. Heiss. 


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