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  1. Actually this unit is in service up in Lake Harmony Pa, their 82 CF is out in New Waverly Ind, 1971 Cf is privately owned out in PA
  2. Nice to see a perfectly good fire truck going somewhere needed and not the scrap yard.Good luck with it
  3. Great save. It is a shame that many FDNY Macks have gone to the scrapper
  4. i remember seeing a lot of them back in the day, hauling cement around in jersey. There are a few still around.
  5. Nice to see how much pride they take in those older Macks, and to keep them going.
  6. Where was the MACK fire truck going?
  7. The Burlington City truck went to Croydon Bucks County Pa, then to McKinnley Pa, then was last seen up at Keasbey Nj. I think that 73 pictured looks like Ex- Rockville MD
  8. Where was that Mack CF going?
  9. No that was the last CF Delivered to Willingboro, they just got rid of the tele-squirt a little more then a year ago
  10. That is a nice Mack. Truck originally saw service in Willingboro N.J
  11. i agree new logo SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Briing back the old one.
  12. Awesome truck. Mack CF fire trucks were the greatest fire apparatus ever produced.
  13. after this winter, I can't wait until I get out and see a good truck show.
  14. Thank god they saved the Mack, all other trucks can be replaced. The Mack Cant. smart choice is priorities of getting the Mack out first
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