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  1. It is a few years after the last post on here, and I joined just now purely to say thank you for this thread. Been looking for ages but haven't found a good book, or any book, about these things. Is there one escaping my search efforts? That restored 4 axle job in green and red is really nice. Haven't seen it in person. Or any Mack locomotive for that matter. Commenting on color brings to mind that I haven't seen comment on what color that 33 ton job was. I'm not a truck person, don't have a truck. I do have a few of the garden railway scale 33 tonners by Hartland Locomotive Works in La Porte, Indiana just because the thing has nice lines, even though a bit abstracted in proportion - the chassis is a hair too tall. A couple of them on a break-in run on large scale track on floor under HO scale layout down at our little bitty model train club, Oh, and there's something wrong with the registration form page in the "security check to prevent automated programs..." entry block. It asked "How many cylinders are in a 6 cylinder engine" and said my answer was incorrect when I answered 'All of them'.
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