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Some B Model action..

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That is a great photo. Loading a gravel truck with that shovel would work better if the truck was backed up inline to the shovel, then the truck wouldn't rock from side to side while being loaded and the dirt wouldnt spill over the side. I learned this from loading trucks many times with a hydraulic excavator.

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Speaking of b model action there needs to be some more/better/longer videos of b models on YouTube and this might sound dumb but I would like to here what a thermodyne with a Jake brake sounds like lol. I did see the videos of the truck in the above picture vary cool.


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A couple B models in work clothes,

the first is a B75 at Gerharts,

next is John Chalmers' B61 (with a 300 tip turbine under the hood) leased on to John Benkart,

then a fresh Matlack B61 (the kid standing on the ground should have listened to his dad, and STAYED AWAY from trucks!),

then another shot of the B75 at Gerharts,

A Gerhart B42 single axle

and last but not least, a Bill Rollman B61

Those are some of the greatest pictures I have ever seen. BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for posting.

You must have some U model pictures laying around. You know how much I love them... :-)


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The Matlack Photo has to rank among the greatest in my opinion, speaking of Downingtown, any Chemical Leaman B-model photos?

The Matlack picture was taken at an open house they held at the terminal at Swedesboro, NJ. My friend in the picture, his father was an owner-operator for Matlack, he had an early F model.

Sorry, no Chemical Leaman pictures, even though I drove for a small fleet owner that had several KT Cummins powered IH 4300's leased on. I never took any pictures, I guess I was too busy trying to make a couple $$$$ and raise a family.

See my Flickr photostream page



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