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  1. We are coming up Saturday morning with our three single axle macks, does anybody know what time the show starts saturday?
  2. Thanks for all the information guys, can't wait!
  3. Ok thank you, Does anybody know what time it all gets started on Saturday? I will only be able to make it out on saturday
  4. I plan on bringing a few of the Macks out, i have never been to this show before, but looking forward to it! Do I need to pre register or can I register the day of show?
  5. Was a great show and i would have called ya but i couldn't get and cell reception up there at all for some reason
  6. I will be there and planning on bringing the four macks and possibly one of my other trucks if our other driver decides to come too
  7. Ok thanks for the info! Going to try and bring up my R model
  8. Thanks guys! Tri County Collision in Southampton PA painted it for me, i had it painted with the black because i have the all red one now, red with white and now red with black, thought i would have them all similar but all a little different. The truck use to be all red when my grandpop bought it new back in 1977
  9. Thanks guys I appreciate all the likes and comments. This is what she looked like before, the cab was painted a few years back but my old man always liked the look of the hood being white that's why he never had it painted, i like the look of it painted a lot more though
  10. Thanks guys i appreciate it! I will snap some interior pictures when i get back to the shop later on. I am not sure if i will be able to make it to Macungie with work but it will definitely be at the Keystone Diesel national show at Maple Grove the end of July and at the Englishtown show in September
  11. Got my 77 RModel painted finally, i am very happy the way it turned out. What do you guys think
  12. I run straight pipes on all three of my R models, i wish i could rip all the emission crap off my new one and put straight pipes on that too!
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