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  1. With heavy heart, I listed my Mack for sale. Marketplace - 1964 Mack C-600 | Facebook I have been using it very sparingly and I hate seeing it parked outside. I hope that someone will restore it and/or use it as opposed to parking it outback. I have made several postings about this truck dating back to 2012 when I purchased it. I hate to sell it, but I hate to see it rust away in the elements. If you can't see the Facebook ad, I am asking $4500 for it and I am located in central Minnesota.
  2. I prefer the L-cab, but I assume they went with the curvy design for an updated appearance (by 1950s standards, that is). Studebaker debuted a similar looking cab design for 1949 for their pickups and trucks (my 1950 Studebaker shown in photo), and Studebaker continued to use this design up until the end of truck production in 1964. Back to the L-cab, in my opinion, its design/appearance was far ahead of its time and had more legroom than it's competitors. Currently, trucks like the Peterbilt 379 & Kenworth W-900 have cabs that look similar.
  3. Thirty years ago I had a GM diesel run-away in an Allis-Chalmers HD9 dozer. I suffocated the intake with a steel coffee can until the engine shut down. The mechanic diagnosed it as a stuck governor. He repaired the governor then all was fine.
  4. Update: The owner of Northwest Diesel, Arden Gall, passed away Jan. 8, 2019. Rumor has it that his family sent the trucks that were sitting in the yard to the neighboring scrap metal recycler. Hopefully some were rescued, I have no more information than that. Attached is a link to his obituary. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/sctimes/obituary.aspx?n=arden-d-gall&pid=191217067&fhid=12808
  5. The C-600 is listed as a 1969 G-600, I informed the owner of his mistake. I have no connection or other information pertaining to these trucks. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/748536775943557 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/635542747362542 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2937761623001806
  6. How about some information on that Mack L-model dump truck in your last photo? Or is it a B-model with an L-model cab?
  7. tilynb61, did you ever sell your 1964 B755? If so, where did it go to? Otherwise, I may be interested in it if you still have it.
  8. International makes the Lonestar which is a throwback to the C-series trucks of the late 1930's. So I agree, Mack should offer trucks that look like this beauty and they should quit making the ugly Anthem (ugliest Mack ever designed).
  9. The L-cab B-model Macks are my favorite. Great looking truck.
  10. The Mack Trucks Historical Museum in Allentown, PA, has service manuals and operator manuals for the C-series, but I don't know about a parts manual. You can call them at 610-351-8999 and ask.
  11. It wouldn't hurt to replace your fuel filters again, as there may have been a lot of nasty stuff in the tank. Also, if it was bio-diesel in the tank, it may have grown bacteria.
  12. Nice looking Studebaker pickup in the background too.
  13. I don't see these for sale very often. I seem to recall a fella on this forum looking for one a few months ago.
  14. Beautiful truck! I remember when it was posted on Craigslist prior to you purchasing it. I hope it finds a good home nearby so that I can see it on the road! By the way, what will your next project be?
  15. Thanks for sharing the photos. That KB International is much larger than any KB-series I have seen in person. KB-15? KB-18?
  16. Is this the truck that was purchased in Minnesota a year or two ago?
  17. To my eyes, the L-cab B-model Macks are the best looking trucks ever built. They look classy like a Duesenberg (but without the side-mount spare tires, of course). Is it true that the C-model Mack was created by running an L-cab B-model directly into a thick brick wall??
  18. I posted photos of Arden's yard on here about a 1-1/2 years ago. I may have some additional photos of both trucks if Mike wants them. Arden welded up my broken brake treadle valve for my C-600.
  19. Awesome truck! I love the B-70's with the L-model cabs. At first glance I thought it was a single axle. Did all B-70 series come equipped as tandem axles?
  20. Buy a later model truck that runs & drives and has current registration and do a body transplant. Might save you a lot of time and money.
  21. 1992 John Deere 690 D late last fall digging a pond in front of my house. It also worked good for skidding trees out of the swamp this winter.
  22. A green semi-tractor mentioned previously has been relisted on E-bay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-C600-Mack-Tractor-Limited-Edition-/290920473308?pt=US_Heavy_Equipment&hash=item43bc3622dc
  23. Why are these allowed on public roads when they dont have front fenders and turn signals up front? It's one thing to haul it to a show on a trailer but I dont understand why law enforcement doesnt ticket the driver's of these when driven on the road.
  24. The glamour shot of the R model reminds me of a large Freightliner calender (2 ft X 3 ft tall?) I had as a kid back around 1981. Large glossy photos of the new trucks with lots of stainless steel. I think my dad got the calendar from one of the mechanics at Land 'O' Lakes back when he drove bulk milk truck for them. Did Mack offer large glossy calendars back then too?
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