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  1. I sell these and highly recommend them.. https://www.vestil.com/category.php?CID=82
  2. A link to my album for the 2019 Macungie Show..enjoy..
  3. Their trucks sat behind their shop just below Macungie up to a few years ago. One of those deals where I`m going to stop and take some pictures one day but never did
  4. Yeah i saw that old HK iron heading up 309.. Kind of sad actually...
  5. Correct. A 150 year old town with narrow streets is right behind those trees
  6. They plow the township roads that are mostly 2 lanes with narrow shoulders and in town. Don't really need a wing. It may look like the country but the town is right behind those trees. And he raised the body up to move the salt to the rear in our neighborhood because we have no overhead wires. By the time he passed my house the body was down. This guy has been at it a long time, he knows the deal
  7. Upper Hanover 2 by Rich Reinhart, on Flickr
  8. Is this what you`re looking for? It`s the last B Model made and is now owned by Matt Phall.. DSCN5938 by Rich Reinhart, on Flickr
  9. Caught this classic sleeping in the snow outside of Allentown yesterday Allentown Pa 2/1/19 by Rich Reinhart, on Flickr
  10. Could have been done with my driveway in 2 minutes DSCN3825 by Rich Reinhart, on Flickr
  11. Saw this in West Springfield Mass over the weekend NEMF plow ruck by Rich Reinhart, on Flickr
  12. Some nice Macks and a few other goodies..
  13. Yeah it is a DMM...ex PP&L I believe the green RD came from PP&L too, thought they went together well...
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