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New Battery Box Bottom

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You can find them on Watt's for something resonable (not for free of course).

I also wish to have a pair although will go welding due to a shipping cost.

Leslie, any plans for new SS covers?

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Hi Leversole

just out of interest what is the cost of a new box?

got to do both of mine on the MH, not toast yet, am trying to decide between repair or new... not been to the dealer yet, too scared $$$$

BC Mack

about $300 each from Mack (does not include cover, holddown, etc.).


PRR Country and Charter member of the "Mack Pack"

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wow. guess i got a good deal. paid 150 a peice for my bottoms and 100 a piece for my chrome tops for my B model. got them from Cook Brothers Mack in Binghamton Ny. has to make brackets to clear the air tank to put the R model box on but it looks nice. pass box is just for storage, or a 30 pack for truck shows, just happens to fit perfect .......... you see them on ebay from time to time cheap. someone must have bought a shitload of them. wish i bought the stack or original B model boxes that Tidewater Mack had at Macungie back in 94'. make me cry


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When my B boxes were bad, I got some 14ga(or 12?) and had the three sides bend up to allow welding it to the sidewalls of exising box. Cheap fix, will NEVER rust out in my lifetime. I only run one box now(2 batteries), as it starts fine with two. The first 4 batteries lasted 10yrs, but too costly to replace so I only got 2.

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