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Sorry but I been having an affair.

1951 Mack LJ

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Nice car, Bel Air is awesome.

You can determine of what the project you working or just feeling yourself to make a choice of the time for.

Main reason is to move the projects.

You marked you have LJSW. It means it has double screws, isn't it?


Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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Well don't have to worry about any wife or girlfriend getting upset about me working on my trucks and car. I am 31 and still single. Some reason women my age are not into restoring old iron. They want to party and vacation and drive brand new cars and go shopping. Women around here are like truck/cars....... They don't make them like they used too..... Ha ha..

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I have to admit, my Mack is being neglected too... oh I really want to get that E9 roaring :SMOKIE-LFT: but my mistress demands everything from me, she's big and wide and drips whenever she stops...

yes, forgive me fellow forum members but I too have a green leaker 8V71.... and yes, it's a bus..


BC Mack



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That's a pretty spiffy green leaker! I'll bet that one is dry in all the right places. I like the Scenicruisers but I've got a soft spot for fishbowls, my dad drove them when I was a kid and I got to tag along sometimes. That's where my affinity for 2 stroke diesels comes from, the East Liberty bus garage in winter with about 40 or so of them idling at 6 AM waiting to go on their runs. I can almost smell it!

Oh yeah, Ben loves the on the governor sound too, helped rekindle my affair with Detroit too.


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Love that bus!!!! Can you give me some specs? Is that an ex scenicruiser? That is cool!

yes, it is a Scenicruiser, one of the few left that is still in original seated condition... I'm doing a bumper to bumper 'mild' restoration on it trying not to ruin the originality by making it '"too new"...

built in 1956 and originally had two DD 4-71's side by side in a twin-pack, which was a disaster, in '62 the 8V-71 was introduced with a Spicer 4 speed. Ran with Greyhound in SanFrancisco until 1975 then to Melni Bus in Santa Barbara CA until 2001 and I've had it since 2005. A lot of Vietnam vets would have travelled on this bus from SFO out to Travis AFB.

It was "cover girl" in a bus mag in 1980.

Sorry for the diversion away from Mack trucks...

BC Mack




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there's a Fury (I think) about that age sitting up here in Rustburg for sale. I'll get a picture. It looks like the Christine car, but it's green and white.

well, I thought it was for sale but i'm not sure- didn't see a sign on it. I thought it was green, but it might be blue. Of course Jo was driving and we passed by it doing about 120 in a 35 zone.

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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