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  1. As an authority on Iron City Beer, I can assure you that my sensitive palate prefers I.C. Light over regular red-eye. Growing up in Braddock Hills, my parents neighbor was Mike Karota, the brewmaster of Pittsburgh Brewing Co. So, after 21 of course, I was awash in Iron City Products as Mike was sure that my friends and I were the future of beer drinking (he was right!). My 21st birthday party had 4 half barrels that I picked up from the brewery that afternoon. My wedding had 17 cases of beer that I also picked up from the brewery. Any new recipes were brought home in unlabeled bottles for our
  2. I guess that we missed Martinsburg! Hopefully some other guys from my area will be heading out on Thursday morning as well. I expect the rain to be over with and the temps to be comfortable or else we will be quire disgruntled! If you haven't seen it yet, here is our rig!
  3. Tom, how the heck did we not see you last year? You must have been in some super secret disguise! Ben and I will be there yet again this year and we are hoping to see everyone there! We're probably heading out Thursday morning.
  4. Maybe I could bring the other #11 over for a similar treatment ! Tim
  5. I'm fairly certain that the GMC is Detroit powered as the wimmins are usually in that condition of undress around such displays of power. And I think that the "plow light" is really one third of a roto-ray. Just my observations, Tim
  6. Brought back some unsavory memories for sure. Prayers to the families.
  7. And General Ike, yes, it currently has a top speed of 64mph but that is with a 4.33:1 rear end ratio. We are going to switch it to a 4.10:1 which should get us right around 70mph which would be perfect. Ben
  8. Made some big progress!! Tank is removed! We are hoping to have the pump and body off by the end of the day on Sunday Ben
  9. We considered that but there are several problems. We could take the sides off because they are bolted to the top of the boxes but if we did that, it would be too high to tow our camping trailer. Plus it would be too long in the back so it would tear up the front of the trailer. Plus, regardless of that, we are trying to make the truck as small and light as possible so it is as maneuverable and efficient as possible. We will be using some of the boxes in our new truck bed for it though. We want as much storage as possible. Ben
  10. Progress is kinda slow but quite steady. Everything around the tank has been removed and is ready to come out. We are working on getting the pump exposed and ready to come out. If we are lucky, the pump, tank and body will be ready for removal tomorrow! Ben
  11. Oh heck no. That would be a huuuuuge waste of space, weight and fuel economy. We just have to get a new driveshaft made and Point Spring and Driveshaft Company is literally 4 minutes from our shop and they are really great with stuff like that. Plus, we should be able to sell the pump setup for enough $$$ to cover the cost of the driveshaft. I will be posting more pictures later this evening! Ben
  12. In case Randy's explanation wasn't in plain enough English for us non-firemen. The cab is split into two parts. The front part is like a normal daycab cabover. Driver on the left, engine in the middle, passenger on the right. Has a hydraulic tilt setup for the front part to access the engine. Then in the back, it has four seats facing backward and four seats facing forward. Because of the raised roof, any normal sized man can easily stand up in the rear passenger compartment. It is a reeeeeeally nice layout and will work great for us. Ben
  13. Btw, here are a few pictures of the vehicle it is replacing. 2001 GMC/Bluebird 66 passenger, shortened 17 feet and made into a western hauler. 8.1L Chevy gas engine, Allison auto. It was absolutely perfect for the past two years, we took it on a lot of vacations and it was awesome. Just kinda lacking power. But the nicest, most comfortable, coolest ride ever. But unfortunately, we were bobtailing on the way back from the PA State Farm Show three weeks ago on the PA Turnpike when we came into a complete whiteout around Mile 110. We slowed down to about 35MPH and followed at a safe distance behi
  14. Hey y'all!!! Ben Jumper here, it feels like forevvvvvvvvvverr since I have been here! We have been very busy but not with anything particularly cool so I haven't bothered to share. Facebook is such an amazing website and I often find myself satisfied with it's contents alone. But we recently added another large two stroke powered vehicle to the collection, we are beginning a major transformation on it and I was told the I had to let you guys know what's up! So here it is. A 1989 Simon-Duplex. 10 person crew cab, 40,000 GVW, 350 HP 6V92TA, Allison Automatic. Came from the Bryn Athyn VFD, thanks
  15. I'm sure that is just a shadow.......
  16. Hey guys! All is well in the Jumper camp tonight. Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers, we truly appreciate it. State Trooper told us that during the whiteout, a super trucker hauling 2 coils of steel ran into an accident at about 60. The car carrier and the car that was stopped then began to burn. As the car driver was crossing the pike, the FedEx guy hit the car hauler and another semi hit the FedEx truck to keep from hitting the guy. We were following another semi at about 30 mph and he slid hard toward the median. I figured that there was something on the road so I did the same and w
  17. Randy, that is really awesome that you can take your son to such a historic place and rough it. It'll be something that both of you can remember forever. Tim
  18. I just know that Randy would love to wake to a straight piped 53 series on the governor every Sunday morning! Tim
  19. I saw a couple of hood stacks at Macungie , I don't think that they would move fast enough to melt the windshield though. How do you melt glass with a diesel? Too hot EGT? Ford diesels are kinda poopy, so I guess that the Benz is an upgrade. Tim
  20. We are officially leaving for Macungie! See y'all there!
  21. We are actually planning on attending the Thursday-Evening-Shenanigans! It would be such a bummer to not see Randy though! And maybe if you guys wanted, we could meet at the show grounds and a bunch of you could ride to the restaurant in our bus since it seats 11 and there is only two of us. It depends on how the time goes. Ben
  22. Just looked at the weather channel and doesn't look bad for the show, hope it holds true! See ya there!
  23. Hey Guys! Sorry for being kinda absent here lately, we have been really busy in real life so our online life has suffered. But Jumper And Son will definitely be in attendance at Macungie this year! We will bringing the bus again and actually be bringing the camping trailer this year. However I lost the phone number to call to make reservations in the camping area. Doug, do you have that information?? I wanna make sure we have a spot when we get there. Thanks! We can't wait to catch up with everybody there! Ben
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