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  1. You can try to contact Watt's Mack for first about a new one. They has the tread in the forum list. Although they are working too slow with me, maybe they're faster for inside US. Vlad
  2. I have two steering gears at the moment, both were made in 1945 and always the same excepting the aggregat number. The first one (Russian) was full of water and rust. The second from the spare ex-French army truck is rust and wear- free. Although don't understand the reason of the play. Both have it of equal amount. One set of warm and sector is very good so I don't want to machine them. I can rebore the hole in the body to fit owersize bearings but not the gear set. I have to say Rob, you are very good guy, and I mean not only a help to me but to many others. Vlad.
  3. Rob, always thank you, Bearing: OD outer cap 54.1 mm - 2.13 In. Length (depth) 38 mm - 1.496 in Shaft ext.D 44.5 mm - 1.75 in Bearing mark says "Terrington". Have seen nothing about "Ross" including Parts list and a Manual. All the stampes are readable at the picture if you download it and look with a high pixels. You can see also "Mack archemoid steering" but no "Ross" Vlad.
  4. I'm revising the steering gear of my NR 1945. The manual and the mark on the gear housing gives me the model of "SG-16" I suppose it must be close to some steering of L model, probably LJ. Looking ower them I noted the play of the sector shaft. Near 0.3 mm or 0.01 inches if you prefere. I don't know is this too much though I dont like and want to have it neither. The shaft is placed in two bearings of a special kind, with needles inside and the outside cap. Strange to me I've seen no wear on the shaft. Bearings are also look well. Although I hope it's better to renew them. Parts list (of 1942) gives me "Torrington #B-2824" and "Mack 67 AX 122". So looking for any ideas of how to get the bearings. Vlad.
  5. Have looked on rims. They have width owerall 245 mm means 9.645 inches - 9 2/3? The spacer is of 85 mm - 3.346 in. - 3 1/3. Original tyres were 11.00-24 but I haven't any info of what the rim size is. All the manuals I have contein no figures expect of 11.00-24, rims owerwiew got me nothing but "Made In U.S.A." Vlad.
  6. I have to make a mesurement of my 24's, will do it tomorrow.
  7. 19 5 hole alcoa wheels, and well polished. Nice colors, nice look.
  8. Maybe this one was also unturnable right though I like how she looks. Vlad
  9. Joe, welcome to Russia! My trucks aren't looking good at the moment although I'm working on them. The NR originnaly has 11.00-24 but I spent a year looking on them. There is hard border taxing that makes used rubber import unable to me. So I had to by these new made in China. I prefere European or American brands but these I bought looks good. NR is not so high speed truck and will operates with no load. Vlad.
  10. Hello, I can't say about new Mack with though I bought 11 brand new tyres 12.00R24 with tubes just a couple weeks ago. Vlad
  11. Rob, thank you for attention. My wheel story is too long. At the moment I found 2 original alloys and that's all the rest of whole 40 wheels of the four R models of always the same kind imported in Russia. That 2 wheels saw alot of mud, sand and salt on roads. I started to send by Nr120 and continued with a sandpaper for wood. After half an hour working the same area I see deep corrosion in the aluminium, probably near 0,5 mm or more. Have spoken about machine cut them for 1 mm, waiting for an answer. I begin to seriusely think about buying new wheels, maybe the pair in front for beginning. But met the problem by this way also.
  12. Mack Man, I saw the Alcoa sticker on the front rim of LTL. Did you buy the wheel new or kept them during the polishing? Vlad.
  13. Superpleasure to see the Superliners! LTL is perfect! Yesterday I've tryed to sand one of my front alloy wheels of the same kind and see no light at the end of a tunnel still. Great looking!
  14. Both trucks are nice though I like stock. Readin' all I don't understand - how longer the Superliner hood is? I mean in relation to standard (late) R hood, like the yellow one has.
  15. Superdog, thanks for posting it. My son collecting Hot Wheels so should be good to keep one like this. Vlad
  16. Yea, it was very good looking truck on ebay some days ago. The time is always going. Nice story of the night hunting on the pedigreed beast
  17. Barry, this is unlucky question to answer it in the rule. Each era gived to us many different and very nice models. I like FC of 30's, EH, L & LT of 40's. Who can looks easy on W71 and H63? B is unremarcable. Both R and F of 70's are good-shaped. The Superliner is out of any comments. And CH is avesome. My favorit truck for the moment is L model. So I have to make a choice of "World War's Era" in your uneasy test. It sounds good to me as I'm a fan and have two WW2 Mack trucks at the moment. Vlad
  18. Good artwork. You can look on it anytime and dream about the moment when all the U will be seemed the same beauty
  19. Nice video, Larry. Although I'm warrieing sometimes about the frame of your pretty B61. Hope, you have tighten the bolts well. Vlad
  20. Glad to read a common sence in your words, Rob. Yes, we have the same opinion because working the same field. I'm not a professional trucker, my business is a workshop for disassembling Mercedes and selling used parts. We providing complicated repairs like gears setting or just changing units. I can be free (still) of general repairs and it makes me possible keeping a little shop with 3-5 persons only. Growing a business is not an easy thing on the territory of ex-USSR. I like old iron and like people who doing the same way. Restoring of Mack trucks is a dreamy thing for me, I had a chance to provide it in just last 2 years. I can't imagine the only thing how you can keep so great attention as moderating of the site? Suppose, you have to give a great value of time and this must be not a hobby for you. About "hot cowboys" - just have red about changing front springs separately... Vlad
  21. Of course a car is not a truck and a number of stupidity is less in professional service. Though I'm selling parts for a kind of a car that has 3 diffs with 3 diff locks. Too hard for a common brain to use it all correctly. Especially combining with 300hp engine. I also broke a diff one time but going deep inside a mud with oversize tyres by the way of an off-road trophy. So I keep clear all about common diffs though met an unknown beast with a name of Power divider. The fact of settling my R-model all the wheels in a clay after the winter heats my interest to keep the drive train unbroken. Vlad
  22. Powersliding is a good thing though how about peanuts in divider? I sell interaxle diffs for Mercedes G instantly to guys who like a smoke of tyres on a asphalt.
  23. Don't you mean Rob, that's a reason of not using U's in Australian service? Vlad
  24. Olive, you have to make a present to our U-person as the edition with off-set letters
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