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  1. Congratulations and best luck to the family! I have a son of 12 and remember his birth moment very well.
  2. Great deal of labor. Very good that you have it done. Especially good on my mind is that the issure came at the shop and at the moment you had a time to fix it. Just imagine how it could looks on a road. The moment to think to yourself about you came into disaster or hapiness.
  3. Too strange, nobody downloaded the diagramm still. Most of us need to print it and fix on a wall in a garage/shop/shed.
  4. Sometimes the idea to live near a see came on my mind... I have no boat though. Liquor is a better way.
  5. The sand-colored one, was for sale in Holland ??What is the kind of rear gears? I'm looking strongly for early pair with not too low reduction. Yes guys, you must to smile about owerseas part adventures . Vlad
  6. You need to force yourself making a progress.Scratch-built cab got a lot of work though. Are the wheel hubs from AMT/ERTL ? I don't know that model good, look about 1/24 mosly.
  7. O-ho! Could he have a couple of gear sets from early B model for twin screws? Vlad
  8. Thank you Steve, I'm fine with. Would like to get a book for B from you. But using another, not so long time shipping. About air cleaner - are where any ideas of having stasinless strips to fix to a cab this kind of? My tank fills good but straps are close to get fall of it. Vlad
  9. I always like authumn colors with Mack truck colors. Just the Art!
  10. Does she have E6 with intercooler that fits the grill of the kind?
  11. I have neither complete NR at the moment. This one had original engine and rotted cab, was imported from France. The other one I have was a chassis supplied under Lend-Lease to Russia. Had aftermarked cab/engine. Both are quit totally disassembled now for a work.
  12. One day I came to the solution of If I have something but haven't a mind of where it locates that is the same as I have it not. Since it I'm fighting strongly shed content. Content mostly wins.
  13. Nice looking stuff. You and Vinny can come into a competition of what will be ready first. Why didn't you use ERTL DM cab?
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