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Just doing quick math the change from 4.42 to 4.17 will drop you 100 rpm.  4.17/4.42 = .94%. 

Your 65 mph at 1700 rpm x .94% = 1598 rpm.



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Most of the changes  in gearing here we used to do was to change to  4.64 due to the V8 ! Anything over 400 would eat the 4:17/ 4:42 ratios for breakfast in the offroad type settings  here!  lots of hills! Used rebuild lots of these top gear sets would pit out and break! the above ratios were a simple top gear set change!

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5 hours ago, mrsmackpaul said:

I just calculated what I do, you dont wanna see my results

Give you speedy buggers nightmares lol



You could just about pull Christ off the Cross with That Paul...

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Or the ass out of the ocean lol 


Well thats why these old trucks are rated to 115 ton (215000 pounds) from new 

Originally had 5.73's someone pointed out to me a while that they had been changed as they are stamped 5.29 



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