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Pictures of the Week

other dog

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Buying a truck is always an exciting action, especially a nice and long planned one. Even if it has old tyres and needs paint. So missing the chance makes dissapointment. On the other hand there are so many trucks for sale every day and every night so need for a hurry. You can always prolong the enjoy choosing one or another.

Thanks for the pictures Tom.

P.S. That R-model in Ohio looked neat indeed.

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Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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On 12/1/2020 at 12:27 PM, mowerman said:

That cornbinder it doesn’t look like it needs anything but paint 

personally, I'd leave it "as is" maybe buff the Cab & paint the Chassis, fit a Body & enjoy....

But That's Me..

"Be who you are and say what you feel...
Because those that matter...
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13 hours ago, other dog said:

Here's a girl in a car, from the interweb. 


That picture is obviously photo chopped. With the three on the tree, there is no way she could shift it without knocking herself out!!

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when you are up to your armpits in alligators,

it is hard to remember you only came in to drain the swamp..

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Yes, that's right. Volga GAZ-21 (the plant Henry Ford built in 30's in the city of Gorky) was produced in USSR from 1956 to 1970. Currently it's the most popular classic car in Russia. Something like B-61 corresponding to the Mack world

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Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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On 12/4/2020 at 9:28 PM, Bullheaded said:

Too bad you didn't get that International Other Dog. That would have been a cool project. I'd rather have that than my F550.




I know it, I really liked it. And all the brakes were new front to back, including the brake lines, and all the wheel cylinders were rebuilt by a place up near Winchester or Berryville and had a lifetime guarantee. It was nice. But we did buy a new 10x12 wooden shed with a loft area, white with a green metal roof to match the house. It'll be delivered in a week or two, they just have to paint it. It was around $2,900.

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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