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I'd like to resurrect an old b61 or71 into a daily driver/work truck. My hope is to put the cab on a modern chassis with a modern engine and transmission. I will be using it to hotshot for a camp trailer company for pocket money.  Has anybody done anything like that on this forum? I don't know what size engine I can fit in there without having to completely overhaul it.  I have never taken on a project like this and don't know where to start aside from buying the truck. The idea I have in my head is to take AB61 and drop the cab on a Dodge one t frame and bed. I already have the truck in mind it will be a single axle.  Is there anybody on here that has made a similar truck that I could glean some knowledge and experience from?

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Would be a piece of cake on a Dodge with a 12V cummins. Been pondering that with my B61. A 3rd gen Dodge would be better but the electronics would make it more of a "job" to do. I've never done this specific swap but, with a 12V cummins Dodge, you could have it going in a weekend and have it completed in a week pretty easy I would think. 


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Bread trucks..: hadn’t thought of that..: I generally recommend a small bobtail of some sort ..... best of both worlds ... another’s thing people never think about.... spend hundreds getting these antiques rolling.. then Oooooooooooo shit it only go’s 55 mph ... lol bob 

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