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Nobody Listens Anymore

j hancock

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Worst part is we had a driver do that but not that bad, then he thought seems heavy so went to cat scale weighed and took it back, I was like you really didn't think something was wrong before you loaded it,  it was to pickup a Cat 215 and it was a 235,  which he put on a 35 ton trailer with 29' of deck, thankfully we don't have to work with him anymore, he went to Bennett where he claims he was driver of the year ?????

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That’s ok, I saw the complete opposite of a Mini Cooper being hauled by a W900 with a lowboy one day... got it stuck over the railroad tracks by my house. Unfortunately I was working when they finally got it unstuck, otherwise I would’ve just used the CF to haul it back over the way he came, just to give him some hope only for him to realize there’s no space for him to turn around. There’s signs everywhere saying you have to have a good amount of clearance if you’ve got a trailer! Also reminds me of that time a guy almost bent his trailer in half trying to tow a house boat because he thought it’d be smarter to lay the thing on blocks instead of spreading the load out over the trailer bed...

Who needs a back yard when you could have a :mack1: Yard?!

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