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  1. It was at the ATHS national in Reno this year. Nice looking truck, but I agree with the comment above that the long overhang might pose some problems if unsupported when loading.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion, bulldogboy. I see there are a number of SPAAMFAA-related pages on Facebook. If I can be added to the official SPAAMFAA page and/or the one for the CA chapter, I will be sure to post this on there. And I agree with you, Prowrench--this thing needs a little TLC to say the least.
  3. This is a circa 1945-50 Mack Type 85(?) pumper for sale. It is in Bloomington, CA. It is not mine, just trying to get the word out about it. The seller wants $800 for it. I do not know if it comes with a title. Important: This truck can only stay on the land where it presently sits for a few more weeks. After that it will most likely be scrapped. I know next to nothing about Mack fire apparatus, so the model number and year range are merely guesses. The radiator, front bumper, and a few other parts are missing. This a follow-up to my post from about two weeks ago concerning a two axle, day cab, G model cabover that was for sale--and also in danger of being scrapped. Luckily, I think we have found a buyer for that truck (knock on wood). That G model and this pumper are from the estate of the late Bernie Long. I meant to put this up sooner, but it takes me forever to do anything. I will do another post or two for the other remaining vehicles. I don't think there are any more Macks left besides this one and the possibly the G model. Feel free to comment or PM me if you have any specific questions. --waukesha
  4. That's a fascinating rig, I like the step frame. Glad it escaped being scrapped. This may not be a great idea, but if you can't find any buyers, do you think the Iowa 80 Museum might want it? I'm guessing they wouldn't give you very much for it, but it would be sheltered from the elements and in a place where people could view it and appreciate it. That 4x4 MH would enhance an already excellent truck collection. Another option might be to loan it to the museum, and if enough interest in the truck is generated, you might find someone who would pay a favorable price for it.
  5. That is a great looking truck and it seems like it has survived well. That flattened grille was part of what White called the "Bridge Formula" style front end. It debuted around 1951 I think. Period advertisements say that this front end allows for the distance from the front of the bumper to the center of the forward axle to be reduced to 28 inches. I know of only 4 or 5 other trucks that have made it to recent times that had the headlights mounted on those plates. For trucks with the flattened grille, I think White started mounting the headlights on the fenders around 1953. So I'm guessing that this truck is from '51 or '52, but I could be wrong. I can't make out the name on the door, but I do think I see a cat inside peering out a window . Whatever size that Cummins is, it has a two-valve head because the intake and exhaust manifolds are on the same side. If it is 743 CID, it would be an HR rather than an H. Was this truck for sale? Thanks for posting!
  6. Good question. The seller said that tomorrow she would check if there is a title for it.
  7. Hello, I created my account on this site several years back, but this is my first post. This seems like a good community of truck enthusiasts, so it's nice to be here! This is a G series Mack daycab coe with a separate sleeper and a wrecker body. It's somewhere in the vicinity of San Bernardino, CA I think. I am not sure of the exact model or year of this truck, or how complete the drivetrain is, because it is not mine. I'm just listing it to help the owner sell it. The asking price is $1400, but this may be negotiable. However, the main thing is the truck must be removed from the property it's on in about 3 weeks---otherwise it will likely have to go to the wrecking yard. I'd hate for that to happen. Some of you may be familiar with Bernie Long (bernies-antiquecars.com) out of Bloomington, CA. He had a large collection of unrestored cars and trucks, and he used to advertise frequently in the classifieds section of Wheels of Time. Mr. Long passed away early this year (age 88), and in April his family auctioned off most of his stuff. I called a few times during these past two months just to see if any of the collection didn't sell. Sometime last week, I was put in touch with one of his daughters who kindly sent pictures of the stuff that hadn't sold yet. Thankfully, most of the collection has found new homes, but this G model and a few other vehicles are still sitting on the lots. Sorry for giving such short notice, but I only learned very recently that this truck was still there. I wouldn't mind having it myself, but I can't really afford to take on any other projects at this time. Please feel free to comment if you are interested. PM me and I can give you my phone #. I will also post a few more of Mr. Long's trucks that are still for sale. Thanks, waukesha
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