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  1. I know this site is just a mack site but I'm going to give a shot. ok i have a 1974 peterbilt 359a..missing motor did have 1693 cat missing trans did have 8 speed missing 4 tires and rims it has clean title...have 1970 cabover peterbilt has 318 detroit 13 speed trans it does run and drives has a/c unit on to NO title..have 1974 kenworth cabover have 1693 cat needs fuel pump rebuilt has 13speed trans very nice on the inside ...i also have other trucks to ..NO title I'M SALENG as a package deal all for 18,5000 can help with loading as is where NO WARRANTYS OR MONEY NO BACK I TAKE NO FOR ANYTHING RESPONSIBILITY AFTER THE SALE IS COMPLETE NO TIRE KICKERS SO IF YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY IN HAND DON'T BOTHER ME....I AM WILLING TO TRADE FOR LATE MODEL PETERBILT FROM 1939 TO 1969..NO PROJECTS I HAVE THEM ALREADY ..you can email me or call me or txt anytime ..my name is charles..620-290-9829..im from garden city ks 67846..if these dont sale soon i will have to cut them up and haul off for scarp iron..this is being posted on 1/12/20...10:24pm ...$15,000..if i have to sparet them it will cost more
  2. did you get a phone number for that sleeper let you can txt it to me 620-290-9829..my name is charles
  3. i need a 36inch crol throw sleeper with 4 squar doors must have door handles on all 4 doors ..everything for the a/c on the roof..i need a set of budd 22 rims..oil finder..if you can help me i will greatfull ..im from garden city kansas 67846.....my cell number is 620-290-9829..i dont really like talking on the phone so can txt me or email 1/2/20..2:58pm
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