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Well, It Looked Like a Road


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The Olentangy Trail near Spring Street was closed for several hours Thursday after a semi driver drove onto the pedestrian-bike trail and struck two bridges before becoming wedged under the second one.

Columbus police cited the driver for reckless operation and failure to follow a traffic control device in the 9 a.m. incident.

The semi’s driver, whom a police spokesperson could not identify later because paperwork was not available, exited the northbound lanes of Route 315 onto Spring Street, only to realize he made a mistake, police at the scene said.

Police said the driver told investigators he mistook the smaller Olentangy Trail for an entrance ramp back onto Route 315 northbound, drove north on the trail and his trailer became trapped under the Interstate 670 overpass.

The driver, who isn’t from central Ohio, was headed to the Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus.

Officers redirected bicycle riders on the trail while they cleared the truck from the path.

The contents of the trailer attached to the semi were removed and the trailer was eventually hauled off of the trail by a tow truck around 1:30 p.m.

An Ohio Department of Transportation inspection crew was on the scene to assess the damage to the bridge, spokeswoman Breanna Badanes said.

pcooley@dispatch.com     @PatrickACooley


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Looks like a driver profession is becoming an operator of a truck, not a driver. Such person costs cheaper. But sometimes it turns out into a ten times more worth.

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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i use it when i do not know where i am going, but google route before i leave the house, and compare the gps directions to the google directions to make sure the gps does not send me off route. 


gps is notable for sending you on 4 ton roads because it sees the trucks over 4 ton no right turn and decides that it means no trucks on the main road. 

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when you are up to your armpits in alligators,

it is hard to remember you only came in to drain the swamp..

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