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  1. gxbxc


    Rough and tumble is on 30 in KinzerPa
  2. gxbxc


    there used to be a crane and A/C dump just like those at rough and tumble in Pa .By any chance are they from there?
  3. gxbxc

    trunnion replacement

    back in the eighties are shop replaced the trunions etc, on almost 20 trucks in our fleet.And I can tell you I am tired just thinking about all the work,think I had better take a nap so I can finish wrighting this
  4. didn't there used to be a Holiday inn by the key bridge that was a real hot spot pickup place late 60's early 70's
  5. gxbxc

    Mack wheel rims on a 31 Peter Pirsch ?

    The storied knowledge on this site is amazing
  6. No Bourbon and beefsteak must have been after my times I was there Christmas 1969 and Oct 1970. But I suddenly remembered a couple of teen age fight bars ,The Dialtone Steak house (where you used a phone to call in your order I don't think they sold a steak after the first week)The two boweling allies were also teenage fight clubs.and because it was a college town there were floating dance /booze parties that would set up where ever they could rent a space .At one time Danbury Ct had more bars than any other city it's size in Ct
  7. you boys down under may not know of these places but they were the in places in Sydney in the late 1960's ,assoc motor club (had big bar slot machines and resturant ) Used to go in earlyplay the slots until we had enough extra money to pay for supper .Whiskey ago go, kind of a dive with plenty of hookers competing,same for the Cheetah .then there was The Texas Tavern up on the cross,they were not so much hookers as hustlers .getting a kickback on you food and drink sales then there was the Mandarin club another gambling place.Best time I had was Christmas eve at a Greek social club. good food but the english girl I was with would only eat english food .There is a circluar hotel on King street and the other side of the street was one strip club after another ,the hustlers really worked to get you in there
  8. gxbxc

    Bus/truck accident in NJ.

    the same way half of the female owned government contractors do with a figure head on paper .
  9. gxbxc

    Bus/truck accident in NJ.

    they are hauling by the load ,only time and number of loads matter to them
  10. If I remember right both of those trucks were red,green,&white before being just plane old red
  11. back in the early eighties when Gerosa still owned the tractor I had a chance to play with it, Con Ed was a heavy user of their equipment,.there are pictures around the internet with their M 50 at Indian Point station .
  12. gxbxc

    Cleaning on the shop:

    Look for snow in yellow stone until almost July .my son and I went out there the first of June and had snow every night or day.
  13. gxbxc

    Craigslist Scan:

    Are the springs on this truck upside down? https://northmiss.craigslist.org/cto/d/model-mack/6554401307.html
  14. I was thinking the same thing I also looks like it has a long hood,wonder what motor was under it.Could the trailer be an early Rodgers ,I read in an add that there trailer were built so that any beam could carry the full tonnage rating of the trailer so if it was a 30 ton trailer each beam was 30 ton rated.They used to side load in those days
  15. now that last truck is interesting!

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