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  1. Ice Fishing

    WTF no wonder you couldn't even catch the clap there is no pole or stripper in that thing
  2. 4449 Daylight Special

    love the UP big boys it is a shame the one at Steam town just sits and rots away.I had a picture of my eldest son at about two sitting on the front pilot step. It was "gianormus" .I believe the daylight engine was dun up in red white and blue when it pulled the freedom train back in the 70". then If I remember right the second tender had been converted to a tool /parts room.
  3. I remember back in the late 70's early eighties contractor in Danbury Ct EPK . One of the mechanics put a v 6 something in a little B model 6 wheeler (it had broken down in the sixties and different parts were robbed for other trucks ,it was straight and not wrecked ) they put it back together with the V6 and it used to scream ,but you shifted it all day long .
  4. 1975 Marmon Tri Axle

    I think I remember seeing that truck in Danbury when I lived there,It has been around a long time .it use to run rt 7 . And it was a dump back in the late seventies early eighties.
  5. Ford Market News

    My neighbor has a large Ford Transit transit ,thought not the super sized one it it plenty big in side and the roof is over 6' high .I was driving it a couple of weeks ago and and spent some time looking it over , and it appeared well built .Looked it 14 or 16 gauge steel was used in body construction ,massive storage over the windshield .Unless GMC comes out with something better I would look to get one next.
  6. well I am sure we are over looking some facts ,a 30 cf ref is not going to hold 3,000 meals .It has to run off the airplanes power ,be EMP protected and not interfere with other electronic devises and counter measures . plus the FAA inspection and testing is probably the bulk of the cost. Of course I agree the FAKE news presscorps should ride cattle cars on hang on and pray airline . or even better get the Sh#t beat out them on united .
  7. I'm in trouble...

    My kids loved the bath time so you most have told him there was no SANTA CLAUS
  8. Had some spare parts............

    It may be to cold but it is really taking shape ,the cold gives you time to think things through .
  9. Curious about unmarked blue trucks on I81 in VA

    also could be part of POTUS advance team, used to see them move out of DC area when Bush was in office
  10. 1947 all original Geyhound Bus

    That looks a like a nice straight silver side bus .Usually the sides are beat to crap when they are this old .
  11. 1954 Mack Bus

    What is the bus lines name on the side,it looks a lot like my cousins colors Just needs the letters GRS in fancy script on the side . He inherited it from his uncle and ran it for several years.
  12. Sears sells Craftsman brand

    My first tax paying job was stock boy at S.S.Kresge. even owned stock in them until the first bankruptcy
  13. Sears sells Craftsman brand

    I got my first Craftsman tool in about 1958, one piece a week, before that it was Kresge for the dime tools later it was Blackhawk and Proto.I still have a kresge screw driver with a wooden handle and the shaft running through the handle with a steel button on the end of the handle . I abused that tool more than any I have ever owned but I still got it. Oh and don't forget the rubber industry in Ct Uniroyal Naughatuck. Armstrong tire Norwalk ,AMF Stamford ,Torrington bearing ,Barden bearing . You had Bullard tool in Bridgeport.Some big high pressure Compresser company in S Norwalk , Bridgeport Mills (Where else) ,Jenkens Brass valves ,and General electric also , And just for old times sake let us not forget Jimmies of SavenRock,
  14. Its cold here.

    Our Alco's beat the start time by 3 min 10 seconds ,of course our's had a few mod's 180 degree block heaters oil heaters and circulaters big air start tanks ,. Hit the switch and they started went wide open and closed to the buss in 30 seconds ,or else we failed the test. They were awesome machines ,one generator one rcp pump and maybe a few lights.
  15. I don't know how there could be any room for snakes there the place is cheek to cheek houses.