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  1. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    it almost sounds like a tennis ball in the hydraulic tank, or something else
  2. Acela Truck Company Offers Extreme-Duty Trucks

    They are just trying to cash in ,as there are a lot of these trucks becoming surplus on the open market.
  3. 1980 Peterbilt 359 International Transport

    you think the mouse keep you awake ,think 6 foot rat snake dropping onto your shoulder and crossing your body on it way to the floor, NO ONE slept in that bunker for a month
  4. 230,000 LB load

    Yea but look at the jobs lost in Nashville at Avco aero structures selling it or moving it mexcio
  5. Had some spare parts............

    What were the rear fenders from ,They look classic.
  6. Try not to laugh

    FXFYmn if you were at 420 I know it well, best part of watching people trying to get out of the boat with out tieing up first, the boat drifts away with one foot on dock one in boat,always good for a laught.
  7. Got Milk?

    used to have two dairies in walking distance of my house as a little kid ,and both were on my side of the street so I could go any time , one had a big soda fountain and sold bread and milk and packaged ice cream . the other was a bottler and delivery but the had an out let for Ice cream and sodas plus bread butter cottage cheese eggs . the best was the old one quart bottles with the bulb on top for the cream and the cardboard disc stopper(now they are pokyman) . Back before the school lunch push started you could buy white milk or chocolate in little 1/2 pint glass bottles . the dairy used Divco trucks and there shop backed up to my friends back yard I watched them repair many trucks through the windows .
  8. Gerharts show next week. Who's going?

    Turn at the Sheetz then make a left on the country lane at the old barn Gerharts is on the left by all the equipment, I all ways park my suv up by the pine trees in the shade And remember to buy some Orville Chocolate in town.
  9. NFL What a disgrace !

    some politician in Va is run under the pretense of ending the NFL monopoly ,didn't I say that a few days ago.I sure wish former pres Obama had been staying on richard bransons private island when the hurricane came through , might have ended half of our problems .but them it would have been Trumps fault. Now when you guys turn off the FootBall games get out in the yard/barn/garage and GET TO WORK ON SOME OF THOSE TRUCKS!!them and us aren't getting any younger. I'll crawl back under my rock now.
  10. NFL What a disgrace !

  11. NFL What a disgrace !

    I am sure the pres. could put a real hurt on the NFL simpley by cancling , all military TV ads on NFL games . stop the waste of taxpayer dollar on fly overs . The only thing the nfl will stand up and fight for is their $ollars and their protected monolopy
  12. 1937 Yellowstone tour bus

    Is that the bus that was working for a Gettysburg Pa tour company in the 1990 early 2,000 ,they had two I think ,But I haven't seen the Whites in quite a while.
  13. Holy crap ouch

    Speaking of low bridges in Ct ,In Danbury there are two very close together one on lake ave,and one on rose street ,My buddy named his daughter Bridget because he cleaned up so many trucks that year,was a wholesale food supplier next to the bridge ,there drivers would hit the bridge once a month. Once he gets a call refer unit would not start,he goes out on a service call and the refer is missing ,he opened the back doors and the refer was all smashed on the floor.The driver had hit the bridge but stopped before he blew up the body,and just played stupid ,well he didn't have to try very hard at that.
  14. Dirty Jobs

    I used to like tongue sandwichs when I could find it in a deli, in Ct or NY , ex wife thought it was disquesting
  15. reno air show

    I went to the Smyrna air show in Tn back in the eighties ,they the blue angles,thunderbirds and the Canadian snow birds , we were sitting in the shade from a C5 ,that bugger is huge ,and the Russian one is bigger . Got to see it taking off from Dulles few years back.