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  1. sir :that second bridge you showed looked like a triple truss Baily bridge ,is it temporary or a permanent structure.
  2. 1955 lowboy

    but I gota ask how did you get it up on your goose neck trailer that way?
  3. Bumper cars at the loading dock

    He is now going to get a christmas job at UPS
  4. Kenworth 2018 Calendar

    About that 6x6 beast it looks good even if it is a cartoon.Besides doesn't someone on here have a similar one in his collection?
  5. The Smithsonian Remembers - World War 2

    I seem to remember that the Zero was a Howard Hughes design that the the us military rejected , and the Jap's either bough .copied or stole.
  6. New anthem

    That is the truth! I snatch a lot of MACKS out of the mud both mixers ,and dumps and a few block trucks .I only rode the under lift wrecker when the short shaft between the rears fell out.
  7. D-8 with handle bars

    Look to the left of it you will see what looks like parts of another machine. That would be awesome to convert to a mini D 4 and take to truck shows.
  8. Young US Marine denied hotel room!!! FURIOUS!!!

    When My sons were still in school they each and a amex card one had a gold card at 18 and the other had a standard amex car at 16,even though they say he couldn't have one they issued him one . they used them for years until they were done with school ,traveled every where by plane and stayed in hotels and motels from North Dakota to DC.
  9. you got'a love the French ,they stand for nothing except their strikes ,raise the price of bread they strike raise train or bus fares they strike ,let them be invaded they run and hide.
  10. New anthem

    The answer to the tow hoop covers is remove them on delivery box them up and send to volvo I mean mack and request a refund for them ,as they are not needed or wanted.
  11. You mentioned it was an 85 but titled an 86 , I kinda remember back in the sixties unsold trucks on a dealers lot were issued new vin plates with the new year on them ,In 66/67 I worked for a company that had all REO's like 50 of them and I was at the dealer and read about it.
  12. Evel Knievel F Model

    I used to see that trucked parked a a mom/pop motel on rt. 6 in Bethel, right off I84 exit 8 , Don't know where it was going but I it was there every month or so back in the seventies
  13. Evel Knievel F Model

    Isn't someone restoring that truck,I remember seeing something about it ,They pulled it out of the weeds in Fl and towed it to SC for restoration They were looking for donor cab parts .
  14. My new used Superliner

    You said that that dump body was used ,It sure is nice ,I really like the turning on it ,did you do that or was it all ready done,
  15. I saw a picture a few years ago of one of the old dump trucks with HI HO welded into the side as ribs for the body. When I left Ct they were still running the single steer axles on the all green trucks ,Onions and Garlic were gold and aluminum. A lot changed up there after mid 1980's.