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  1. gxbxc

    Making noise in the Woods

    That was an awsome sight,beautyful truck
  2. gxbxc

    Ford Market News

    I do not know if Henry Ford was responsible for the Ford suppling Hitler or if it was a case of Germany just taking over the Factories and management. but they were not the only one ,Gm plant in Holland produced trucks and did overhauls on combat damaged vehicles.and I thing Amco oil in Romania supplied much or the fuel for the German war machine.but All three recieved money form the US tax payer as repatriation when we bombed those plant into rubble .Best not Forget Shell,which pulled there tankers into Bayone NJ to fill up then went out into the Atlantic to refuel Uboats that were sinking US coastal shipping.
  3. Yup that's just take the left overs and build a Jay Leno type garage with restored Mack's. Be happy
  4. Plus Volvo has gutted the Mack infrastructure by taking over Hagerstown and the new river plant ,they would also structure any sale where the buyer would have to assume vast debt that they have incured, so basiclly you would be buying the Mack name and a truck assembly plant at mcaungie.Oh and the price would be somthing like 3 or 4 Billion dollars,so it would look good on the annual stock report.
  5. Did any one catch this about Mack defense delivering a new military www.equipmentworld.com/macks-new-8x8-msvs-smp-military-truck-carries-everything-from-cranes-to-shelters/.
  6. Digger days ,Take a look at this utube
  7. How the heck would you ever get into or out of that little sleeper ,I am pretty broad across the shoulders and would have to lay on my side .Of course now that I am old and grey and have a considerable circumference around the middle and those Macks were kinda cramped, Motel 6 leave the light on.
  8. gxbxc

    GAZ — World-Class Transport Solutions

    Those are some nice looking trucks .
  9. gxbxc

    Pictures of the Week

    If that gal is really sitting on his lap that ain't a flag pole on the hood
  10. It must have been fun to drive in the winter snow or rain .
  11. gxbxc

    Cool, Little Project

    Eisenhower also had a two engine Aero comander that used to fly him to Gettysburg and other short hops, I remember a picyure of him on the plane next to a cornfiield don't know if it was on his farm or someplace else
  12. gxbxc

    Cool, Little Project

    I always liked the Connie when I was a kid ,to bad the jets replaced it so soon TWA had the most and flew them the longest I think. President Eisenhower had one back in the early fifties. Saw one at National airport in 1964,
  13. gxbxc

    Mack brand launches new heavy tractor

    I always thought those trucks looked kinda neanderthal with the heavy forehead
  14. gxbxc

    WWII Hobart Weld Mobile

    I think you need both of them ,restore them and drive them around at the big truck shows .They are just to cool
  15. gxbxc

    Well, It Looked Like a Road

    Must have been following his GPS ,can't read a map or a street sign.

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