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  1. Being a 2-10-2 that is a d&m big locomotive ,no problem it's a job for Mammoet. and about a million bucks
  2. I have a question ,what kind of trucks are on the step deck in the second picture.
  3. While I was lost in the woods in Pa I found an old fashion hotdog stand ,the place was huge ,there were picknick tables all set under a roof and there was an asphalt floor there were like 4 or 5 seperate order stations selling different food . I have never been back but it is some place west of I81 and south of Scranton.
  4. My friend always refered to the meat in chinese food as fur chicken
  5. I ate with the Family and some friends at a German place in Nashville ,( it is across the street from titian stadium ) and they. had an LGB train running on the floor in one end of the dining room .I remember the kids were all laying on the floor watching it .My Irish wife was mortified because the place was was not up to her 4 star standards , but the people who ran the place were friendly as all get out when they found out I was German . and the food was good
  6. Speaking of Strasburg you missed some must see items 1,the operating train layout with the hobby shop up stairs and the Ice cream parlor ,2,is off to the west a mile or so on the other side of town is one off the most awsome minnie golf courses I have ever played , And when you stayed in the Red Caboose motel did you eat in the dining car restaurant.I have eaten there many times .Lancaster Pa. is a treasure trove of must see places as well as just plan tourist traps ,that are fun to see once .and don't forget a side trip up to Lititz in the fall for Mack truck show . and a stop at the Wilbur Chocolate company.
  7. Well tell us more about the DM800 Brian just bought ,you can't leave us all hanging
  8. I like the grill , and the "nostrils" could give more cooling to a larger radiator . As for the 1930's cabover grill it adds a piece of Auto Car heritage to it and it also had the "nostrils" but they were just panels .I give it a 100% like. And as for Acars of old I don't think they made a decient grill sense the 50"s The heavy trucks with there open shutters and big brush guard were tough looking but who could say the flip phone plastic hood and grills of the end of the production were inovative. And come on guys give them there due ,you aint never going to get a new Superliner from Volvo
  9. I used to have a photo of 4012 at bellows Fall from 1972 Had my oldest son while just a toddler sitting on the front pilot step .He was dwarfed by the size of the big boy. visited it again a few years ago in Scranton. I want to say that they loaned #3985 or#844 to Clinchfield for the Santa run back in the 90's just before the announced they were shutting down the steam operation . I was suprised to say the least to see they revived it .Must have been a change in top managment.
  10. why? is this the one they have been restoring out in Cheyenne Wy. for a couple of years now ,I know it is a awesome brute with more tractive power than any MACK ever had .And I know a few Macks of legend could pull the big boy ,but fill it with water and FO, fire up a 230psi head of steam and how many loaded M75 's could it haul. over the rocky mountians
  11. Last week I saw a dark blue ford go across the intersection where I was stopped and it looked as good as the red one pictured ,then a day later I saw a rag bag blue and black ford and had to do a double take to be sure It wasn't the nice one I had seen earlier, both were tri axle dumps .so they are still around.
  12. I think that if the new Macks ran trouble free they would sell more of them,Who wants to by a new truck and then live a the dealer for weeks at a time while making payments on a truck that is earning $0. And if they only made a true heavy spec truck that was comerically available and not just to the armys of the world
  13. I blew more than one tire moving around a footing ,it seem they always leave a stab or two sticking up where you can't see them.
  14. There was a company where I lived B,J,Dolan in Bethel Ct ,used to run B model mixers 6 wheel and 10 wheel .They used to pull the Mixer units off the ten wheelers in late fall each year and install fuel oil tankers for home oil delivery. in the seventies they went to DM800 . I also remember they had some 50' era Chevy trucks with with small mixers they keep them around well up into the late 60's
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