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  1. gxbxc

    Pictures of the Week

    Hey Otherdog have you tried soaking your feet in cold Tonic water ,it is supposed to miracales
  2. gxbxc

    new way of living

    Cell phones drive me nuts and the texting will make my head explode. I had some serious hospital time this spring almost 3 months , and could hardly walk ,any way I fell and couldn't get up, had no way to call for help because the dam phone was in my truck with my keys (panic button ).I laid there thinking would this be the night I die from hypothermiera .after about an hour of struggling I just called for help ,lucky me it was an early warm night and people had their windows open.My two neighbors heard me and came over . so good and evil with cell phones .
  3. gxbxc

    Where are the Pictures of the week?

    That apron could be cleaner! And the the food must not be that good ,as the mule looks to have died in the traces hooked to the wagon.
  4. gxbxc

    H 67

    I remember Tropicania OJ used to run macks on the old 301 / US1 /95 north south rt. .I had never seen the OJ trains until I lived in lorton Va
  5. gxbxc

    1959 Chevrolet Spartan 100 Tractor

    I was wondering about a GMC diesel. The 860 had diesel engines from the same time period
  6. gxbxc

    1959 Chevrolet Spartan 100 Tractor

    I like that big beast
  7. gxbxc

    Underwear change required

    I guessed Volvo because of that black shosh on the side of the hood, but just looked up a picture of a t680 yup your are right.
  8. gxbxc

    Underwear change required

    It's only a Volvo who cares
  9. gxbxc

    Big Mac creator Jim Delligatti dies at 98

    Shake shack and five guys are just small potatoes in the game ,and I do not like either one
  10. Too much rust that is not patina .Take a good picture of the door lettering paint the whole truck and reletter it like the original
  11. UP will get sued ,and stop running the steam train again, all because someone is too stupid to breath air
  12. first though was it must be from the NYC area ,then I spied the NJT sticker and realized I probably saw it working in the fifties /early sixties
  13. those logs must be for fire wood or paper ,because they look like one or two 2x4's at the most.
  14. The problem with vehicle design today is what I call the Google plug and designers which turns out. a vehicle along the lines of spell check software ,which calls for spelling corrections with out under standing the .meaning of the word .
  15. gxbxc

    Scania V8 problems

    It might be true metal workers at 80 plants are on strike for a 28 hour work week . Which would be like a 25% + pay raise. and they complain about a little tarrif. Ok I was wrong they wouln't get paid for a full week but would get a 200 dollar a month bonus to work less hours as part of a famialy leave type of thing. they only work 35 hours a week now,and are probably the highs paid factory in the country

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