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  1. Keep searching, and keeping us up dated .This will read better than an Agatha Christie novel ..Might I recommend you do a satellite google map search of junk yards with a hundred miles .
  2. The problem with the diverter is from the body builder ,or up fitter as some people like to call them .They installled the dump body not Western Star , and their mind set is get it done and collect the cash. The new Autocar says they will build the truck and body together at their factory .
  3. gxbxc

    Tire irons

    I find that if you see something at Northern tool , Get it because if you wait six months they may not be selling them any more .
  4. gxbxc

    RIP Dozer

    Last year when I was circling the drain with congestive heart failure ,while I was in the hospitial bed I felt something slide up on the bed just Like my old Doberman Ajax used to do when he was sneaking into bed with me . and as it was he pasted with congestive heart failure in 1983, I guess he was waiting for me ,so we could go for a walk together again. And no it wasn't a nurse I ain't that good looking any more .
  5. gxbxc

    RIP Dozer

    For some one who loved that dog , you sure provided a lousy ass seat for him you could have at least put a rug or blanket on it , and how did the wife like riding on it when you kicked him out . Any way sorry for your loss of a good friend,my past dogs .still hold a special place in my heart .
  6. Looks like a hose wagon or a salvage truck ,I don't see any pump or controls
  7. Oh this suddenly took a down turn
  8. Nice truck That is one long a$$ dump body and you have a pup also?
  9. gxbxc


    Thank you 41 chevy ,I was there 68,69,70, Back to back on the DMZ 1/5 . also called South East Asia war games ,second place.
  10. I think they hid a steam locomotive behind the truck in the first video ,with all that dust/smoke sure looks like s steam engine
  11. There sure are a bunch of old Fords still making their owners money ,not bad for a truck that was extint a decade ago
  12. I did a little internet searching and it looks like the shop built truck is in the US also by looking at some of the pictures It might have Mack Planetary rears But if someone can get better info please enlighten us
  13. Is this truck in the US or Australia . You don't hear much about them in the US any more ,at least not sense the stadium roof fell
  14. If I could drive something like that I would become a garbage man,
  15. Na you don''t need to see the road in the middle east, you just run over everyone and keep going
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