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  1. gxbxc

    Busted big time

    Did he call you an old jigger, the whipper snapper ,and did he call your truck and old beast? I don't under stand Australian to good ,it is only a language I learned from two weeks in sydney back in 1969
  2. Interesting to say the least I wonder what year that was, Because I spied the solid wheel spoked wagon chassis on the rack to the left and the little sleigh peaking out from behind the big MACK. and what looks like a fire pumper to the right and maybe a Vicker tractor in the far back.Must be a museum of sorts.
  3. I love these old photo's ,so much history in the back ground alone .Did anyone that note of the peoples hospital across the street,looks like a place where nightmares are made compared to today.
  4. gxbxc

    New England vacation

    Like Hatcity I lived in Danbury ,And with the state fair long gone Danbury is a keep going nothing to see here kind of place . But if you are going to Vermont Then Take Rt 7 north out of Danbury and see the covered bridges in Kent and Cornwall. There is a great resturant in Kent .Take the time to ride the train along the river At North Cannan before entering Mass.on the way to Vermont.if you want to take the coast road go to Mistic seaport and then on to Essex (steam trains and oldest city)with a sea port Jog up the river to Tour the Gillette Castle in East Hadam and ride the ferry before going east to Cape code. But if you are into State Fair The BIG E in west Springfield Mass is the place to be in the fall find a hotel in Enfield Ct (easiest way to fair) Book Soon.
  5. gxbxc

    Mack DM 800 twin stick for sale

    I wonder what that cantraption is on the back of the truck and did you notice the size of the wet line tank ,it must be 150 gals.
  6. You forgot that little B tucked in behind the steel nose DM
  7. Is that the one Joeseph equipement had listed for ever. I have seen several like it listed with different engines on varies truck sale pages
  8. gxbxc


    I guess that machine was not intended for jungle busting or forestery work .because that ladder would not last past the first big tree
  9. When I was a kid I remember going with my dad to a neighbors place to restack all the hay bales in his barn when they were heating up , they were old fashion square bails and were up over a hundred degrees when we pulled them apart and put an air gap between them all. Later in college I worked for Checker board and they sold bailed hay as well as bagged feed .It was on a street with old wooden mill buildings and one night the building next door went up in flames need less to say the next day we were taking all the hay to another place , our building was filled with grain dust and if it caught fire would have exploded. About two years ago saw a truck load of round bails go up on I95 in Springfield Va. They pulled the tractor of and the FD started pumping water ,called towing company who brought two roll offs and bobcats and they started pulling burning bails off. Don't know if it self combusted or was ignited by a thrown cigarette.
  10. gxbxc

    Home Depot 48 hour return policy

    Yea it seem's like a bum deal you buy a thousand dollar washer and It doesn't work from the get go.One of the reasons Sears is disappearing is because of this kind of crap , drove all the loyal customers away .
  11. gxbxc

    Home Depot 48 hour return policy

    Am I missing something here isn't less than 48 hr from fri to sat. or did they mean 48 minutes
  12. gxbxc

    Hopto Digger

    Looks kind of like a UNIT shovel from back in the day.
  13. gxbxc

    Hopto Digger

    Bucyrus made one in the early 1950 based on the old H1 hydroscope crane ,but that old hopto looks good for it's age
  14. gxbxc

    M819 Wrecker unit.

    If that is a picture of the truck you want the out riggers are on it now just manual not the hydraulic we have become use to. The Army did a lot of things with manpower.
  15. gxbxc

    Old Graders and Tractors

    That steam thing of ma bob .looks like a steam power thresher engine or saw mill engine . looks pretty complete you can see the governor fly weights in the middle ,nice little rig. boiler is probably shot. I would better there are a few steam guys out there who would love to have it.
  16. gxbxc

    IRS private Army

    It seems that the IRS has a private army ,adds new meaning to the term Come and Take it https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/gao-irs-had-4487-guns-5062006-rounds-ammunition
  17. gxbxc

    IRS private Army

    It is always nice to have your own ez8
  18. gxbxc

    A KW, Pete and Federal

    Get a load of the front bumper on the KW. and back in the thirties wasn't the pete called a fageol or something like that
  19. gxbxc

    1947 all original Geyhound Bus

    My uncle had three of of the PD3751 silver side buses . they were said to be the last three Greyhound operated. They stopped at my Grandmother 's house for supper on there way back from picking them up. The logos were off but they were still blue,and quite a sight the three of them lined up on are little street. It must have been around 60,61 . I got to ride them a few times and to a 7th grader they were huge ,but oh so comfortable .
  20. gxbxc

    IRS private Army

    The question remains what do they need the full auto weapons for ,do they think they are Eliot Ness and they are going after Al Capone .And why the four silencers ? Is that so we can't hear them shot use in the back.
  21. Or parked on top of a honda .
  22. gxbxc

    M1000 tank transporter

    You don't have any crane cheek weights you can use or borrow for a nice little ride.
  23. This may be off the wall but maybe some of you guys who farm could answer my question .Can you use a round baler to pick up windrows of leaves ?I was looking at the leaves they were blowing at are golf course and started wondering if there was an easier way than with a vac truck to pick them up?
  24. I am not positive but I think they got the integral sleeper from White.
  25. gxbxc

    New Aerialscope Owner

    not a bad looking old girl ,enjoy her.

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