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  1. I like the` extendable booms on the back looks like a light to medium duty wrecker.
  2. That will worry the sh!t out of the local police
  3. I wouldn't want to be operating a crane in that bird's nest of overhead wire.
  4. You used the wrong wording when you applied to build the houses ,should have said free for illegals and then the AOC's and her like would have been behind you. Instead you rubbed there nose in the fact that they were cowards and would never risk there neck for others.
  5. If his memory is like mine 40 years is instant recall yesterday and tomorrow are the problem
  6. Those that had them, used them up and got new one's those that didn't cry what a waste ,but it was only a tool in it's day not the classic it is now
  7. Twenty years ago there were a lot of them running around Fairfax ,now you only see barrier trucks made from a rental fleet or rag bags hauling dirt but they are being pushed out by freighltiner rag bags
  8. Amazing condition for a new england truck,
  9. I never met John Redman but yes they are going strong ,have several 4 axle wreckers and about 20 other pieces of equipment ,small wreckers. rollbacks, rolloffs with bobcats,air bag truck etc.,I don't know if they are Still owned by him.
  10. Just another travisity hold over from the NO Bama years
  11. Yup Ashmores what an old beast it was I always looked like one or Redmans in Fairfax (painted up the same way) but he got it in Waynesboro Va.Spent some cold nights dragging junk off of I84.
  12. gxbxc

    The Dead Duck:

    Swishy I wish you would learn to type across the page and not in a vertical line. then I could actually read what you post .
  13. gxbxc


    Didn't someone from this site own the Sawmill tractor,lived in Oklahoma I think
  14. I will bet there are a few wasting away in NYC
  15. My buddy in Conn ,had a blue B61 with a weldbuilt wrecker and a 40 ton drag wench,it was all pinstriped with white wall tires . Maybe Hatcity will remember it from The 70's early 80's
  16. Yes it doesn't rust but the squirrels will eat it to the frame if you ain't looking they eat my wire loom dipstick and air filter housing, It was cheaper to feed them peanuts all winter.
  17. A couple guys I knew moved there 955 on a tag trailer with a 10 wheel dump pulling it,some had air brakes on a duel tandem axle trailer (the better choice)
  18. If I remember right the 977 was pretty close to 42,000 lbs. and we always moved them with the detachable gooseneck Rogers. The 955 's were 34,000 The 983 was close to 80,000 I think .but I can't find a shipping weight on line to check.
  19. What no sleeper on that Strick ?How is a driver going to live .
  20. I ran the big three back in the late seventies ,955 with the bigger motor a 977, and the real beast 983, the 983 was one hell of rock digging machine and the only one I didn't think was under powered.
  21. That last one looks like a 650 or even a 500, but a short little bugger.
  22. It's a shame the vise grips are so new looking at the packaging I was sure you got them when Truman was in office.
  23. The only reason They are pushing for popular vote instead of electrol college is because Hillary lost, when Bill won with it it was fine ,then bush defeated Gore ,and now Trump beating the queen of mean Hillary . The want to be emperor of the world.
  24. Those little trucks probably only weigh about 10,000 Lbs , I would say the old mack should be able to do twice that ,depending on the boom size and winch ratings
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