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  1. Who ever put it together was a metal craftsman, because most I have seen have more waves than the ocean where they took out the windows ,and the front end blends perfectly with the superliner hood .
  2. I am glad you guy found happiness ,my first and only tried to kill me three time .I have faced a guns several times but when she held that gun to my head will I was sleep was the scariest .
  3. That Freightliner made me dizzy.
  4. I wonder if someone built it or it came that way new ,now if it had an E9,or 3406 ,that would be the frosting on top
  5. What a waste of a beauty full MACK ,of course if they saved it from a scrapper all is well.
  6. Don't forget Ebay tons of material there .Probable something close ,also look at Springfield leather in Mo. I have gotten a lot of stuff from them in the past .
  7. gxbxc

    AMI 370

    If I had the time and a shop to work in I would put in a reman crank and proper sized bearings along with a new oil pump,flush all the oil ports to be sure they are free of trash. you can put in new rings if you want and save the trouble of doing it later. All so are you sure the bearing cap you changed went back on in the same position it came off, because of machining tolerances they can bind in the wrong position and wipe the bearing. It is a lot of work but like you said you are a small family business ,and paying a shop 10 grand for a used motor and install is a stiff nut to crack,when you can lay on your back and get dirty for a few days . Don't know where you are but look for a place like this for reman parts. https://www.capitalremanexchange.com/parts/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/2006-Mack-AMI-Diesel-Engine-Serial-6B1958-Family-6MKXH11-9V65-11-9-400HP/323812564304?hash=item4b64bb9d50:g:Z0EAAOSwyAVc2bgM
  8. I wish one of the 3d printing guys would make a model of the HMM in HO/1/87 or 1/50 scale .One of the western heavy haul guys had some as tractors
  9. I was an airframe inspecter at Sikorsky when they were building the CH53 back in 1967 , it was an awesome aircraft then and more so now, 1 million hours is an almost unbelievable flight record .And I am sure that it's crew are proud of it.
  10. Ia that a Walters snow fighter?
  11. Yes now attack Trump for Fourth of July, the only reason for tanks in the street is because an Aircraft Carrier can't get up Pennsylvania Ave. Watch Acosio Cortez will ask why not.
  12. When I was a kid US Keds were the best, over PF flyer,and I do nor believe Chuck taylors were around in the 50's. And they were made in Naugatuck Conn by Uniroyal .
  13. When I first saw it I thought it was some kind of homemade crew cab with what ever is parked behind it
  14. Watched highway through hell over the weekend ,and The operator called those little bars "rabbit bar's" because they are mounted in the tow reciever they had to remove them before they could hook up. And as light as they are a good sized Texas Jackrabbit would fold them up. At least the IH Lonestar has bumper and bars in one piece,looks nice too.
  15. Yea if he opens his mouth to complain in China ,there is alway the chance he could get run over by a tank in Tiananmen square . He will never be the diplomat Dennis Rodman is , besides Rodman is more colorful.
  16. I stopped buying Nike crap years ago when they started there left leaning ideas , also I will never buy anything Jane Fonda touches . or Hilliary Clinton,
  17. as cold as it looks where that bab is she might still be there frozen
  18. Are you saying that beer is some how involved in little Jenny getting pregnant , and papa is going to make an honest women of her .
  19. But do they have Moxie ?
  20. But the tires are still that funky gray
  21. I like that lime green Titian ,wish they still made them.
  22. You never tell them what you need. You tell them what you want and if they don't see it your way move on ,because in TN you sure ain't going to get step raises and cost of living increases yearly .but you will get a layoff slip and a chance to reapply for your your job for less money.
  23. from looking at it I can see what looks like a double frame so it ain't all that light
  24. I have a question about that DM800 glider ,does any know if it is a truck with the rears removed or an acutal nos unbuilt glider?
  25. Keep searching, and keeping us up dated .This will read better than an Agatha Christie novel ..Might I recommend you do a satellite google map search of junk yards with a hundred miles .
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