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  1. I just watched that episode last night. He never really talked about all of the unique features that made this car so much more special than a regular Grand National. I had the pleasure of getting a ride in a press pool car (GNX #002) when I was friends with Scott Oldham. Scott's dad was Joe Oldham who was editor for Popular Mechanics and contributor to the classic East Coast magazine Cars Illustrated. I had a '86 GN w/ T-Tops at the time and the two cars couldn't be more different. Starting with a suspension with longitudinal torque bar and Panhard rod, full Stewart-Warner gauges, exclusive staggered 16" rims with speed rated Goodyear VR rubber, recalibrated chip, higher efficiency charge air cooler and to top off the whole package, a ceramic blade turbo. Was the whole package worth an extra $11000 over the price of an '87 GN? I say yes. It was worth every penny. Buick had a car that was an instant collectible and dealers were marking them up 10, 15, 20 grand over sticker. Here is a short story from Hagerty that recalls a neat visit from a then-17 year old Scott. He was leaving my house heading back to Old Bridge, NJ where he lived at the time. I wish the pics were better quality but it was dark and the cars were black of course. It's hard to see but it had Michigan MFG plates. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/03/20/crashing-a-brand-new-buick-gnx
  2. The cabover looks like an old Wilson truck out of Fishersville VA. The white truck is a White 9000 tilt-nose.
  3. Another beauty from the Augusta show. Pay no mind to the V12-powered R700 parked next to it.
  4. Two super Superliners from 2019 Metro-Jersey show in Augusta, NJ.
  5. Chuck P

    R795 V8

    I saw the horn button and the fixed heavy 5th wheel. It's this Devault truck from way back. Somebody got a nice unit!
  6. It's a shame that Nancy got all starry-eyed and got involved with an old rock star. Snippet copied from the Paul McCartney wiki page. Marriage to Nancy Shevell McCartney started dating Shevell in November 2007. She was a member of the board of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority as well as vice president of a family-owned transportation conglomerate that includes New England Motor Freight. She resigned from the MTA board in January 2012. It was announced on 6 May 2011 that the two had become engaged. On 9 October 2011 McCartney and Shevell were married at Old Marylebone Town Hall where his first wedding took place in 1969. The couple attended Yom Kippur synagogue services prior to the wedding, out of respect for Shevell's Jewish faith, but did not seek a religious blessing for their union. Upon their marriage, Shevell became Lady McCartney. McCartney wrote the song "My Valentine", from his 2012 album Kisses on the Bottom, about Shevell. She is a cousin of broadcast journalist Barbara Walters.
  7. I snapped this pic a few years back at the H&K open house in PA. I thought it was so cool! To be #2 on this list is a heck of an achievement.
  8. This pic was taken from Autocar Trucks 1950-1987 Photo Archive. Note that the picture was printed in REVERSE.
  9. I agree, awesome fleet and it's cool that they make the trip to Macungie on what seems like a regular basis. What a neat way to present the progression of super clean Mack trucks. I had a chance to chat with them at Gerhart's last year and they seemed like a swell bunch of guys.
  10. Never heard of the "shark truck". I remember seeing him at Etown Raceway Park as a kid. The Bandag recapper people were there in full force. He would leave the timing tree for a 1/4 mile run .... haul ass just to about the 1/8 mile mark and stand on the brakes. The next thing that happened totally blew my mind. He would crank the wheel hard left and start doing 360's in the middle of the track until you couldn't see him for the tire smoke. He always brought the crowds to their feet and put on a great show. What a showman!
  11. Allow me to assist. These shots were taken at Raceway Park Diesel Drags in 2012 when it had a proper motor and a shot with the long hood closed.
  12. This truck is so cool on so many levels. Super deep radiator with "V12 Bumper", dual Farr breathers (1 for each blower), extended hood AND extended cowl.
  13. Looks like it came off of this truck. I wonder what happened to the rest of it. It's an early hood.... pre-marker light but it looks like they added their own.
  14. Another great show with great weather. Too much to see in one day!
  15. A few more taken at Gerhart's 2018. Two from Tackaberry and a Blair.
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