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Community Answers

  1. I have two pics of the Chester Farms AT64 that I saved from the old Hank's site. I grabbed them back in 2011 when the site was just starting up.
  2. This was the last of the big Fords before the re-badge. Good looking tractor that would have looked great with an integral sleeper. Not too many like this.
  3. Curious as to why the B-80 series trucks were never offered with the "roomier" cab after the transition from the LJSWX. Perhaps they didn't need it because the longer engines could fit in the axle-back configuration (think B-71).
  4. Some random pics of some of the awesome Macks at this year's show. The trucks from Florida were amazing, especially the RD800! The brown R700 was a real sweet truck too. The weather was fantastic.
  5. Some recent shots taken at the 2020 Gerhart's show. In the red/white shot everyone was watching how skillful the tillerman was at parking the Mack hook & ladder. It was the first time I saw the steel blue Fiore truck. Beautiful piece. The Gano's heavy hauler was a regular site in Central Jersey pulling equipment for the local Komatsu dealer. The last shot shows two special trucks together. Both were stunning! Enjoy
  6. Great weather, great friends, Great trucks! What more could you ask for?
  7. My pic from Macungie 2011. 1969 N-Series.
  8. https://www.cranehotline.com/articles.html?a_id=8387&a_title=lifting_solutions_adds_two_big_effer_cranes_to_fleet Looks like they do a lot of city work.
  9. Well this is certainly good news! It will also be my first truck related show for the year as our Metro Jersey show was cancelled as well.
  10. Don't forget the Chevy version. This had the newer cab with different windshield. 65 E80 with the 6V53 powerhouse!
  11. pic I found on the web. I believe Chrysler owned this high-cab, restored it and then it fell into disrepair after sitting for a long spell.
  12. How about a Fargo? My pic from Macungie '06.
  13. My pics from the ATHS National show a few years back. The gold chassis was 1 of 2 grain trucks from Missouri. Everyone on the East Coast knows the red sleeper. I had the pleasure to view it in his museum when it was still in operation. That hood sure looks intimidating!
  14. Stunning LTL is all I could say. The colors are striking and just the right amount of chrome. Well Done!
  15. I drove that same year truck because I remember the dual headlights which didn't last long. It was a C600 with the smallest V8 and electric 2 speed axle. I hauled many acres of soy beans in that truck for a local farmer as a kid. The farmer always stressed to check the oil in every truck you drive. A small trap door on the doghouse revealed the dipstick and water filler neck. Good times!
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