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  1. This truck is so cool on so many levels. Super deep radiator with "V12 Bumper", dual Farr breathers (1 for each blower), extended hood AND extended cowl.
  2. Looks like it came off of this truck. I wonder what happened to the rest of it. It's an early hood.... pre-marker light but it looks like they added their own.
  3. Another great show with great weather. Too much to see in one day!
  4. A few more taken at Gerhart's 2018. Two from Tackaberry and a Blair.
  5. my pic from 2018 Metro Jersey show in Augusta, NJ
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Extra bar in the grille and step under door means V12 power inside.
  7. Color pic when new from the interweb.
  8. The pic in the original post and Swishy's pics all show the V8-powered crackerboxes. You can make out the V8 Diesel logo on the access flap.
  9. Chuck P

    Moriarty NM

    I had to take a second look at the white Autocar oilfield rig. I thought it was a Clariben replacement hood but I think it's an honest-to-goodness real S-Series. The "A" logo at the hood peak and grab handle were the tip off. Year is hard to pin down because of the square blinkers. Not many pics of these trucks exist. To add to the confusion, see the pic below.
  10. From Gerhart's '07
  11. Great sound but why is he dropping so many gears with an empty lowboy?
  12. I remember seeing the R tanker and talking with the owner of that fine piece of equipment. I believe he had other trucks there as well (yellow C-model?)
  13. I could see how this could be a little confusing. He actually got pretty far along the bikepath before the 670 onramp got him.
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