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2011 MP8 Engine Vibration


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Have a vibration on 2011 MP8 engine. Mechanic changed solenoid on air intake. Still vibrates. Mechanic told me to back off accelerator and get back on it hard and it should stop. Sometimes it did stop, sometimes it didn't. Anyone know why?

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Were the injectors checked for aeration, balance, and compression? Some have complained of engine/driveline vibration in the MP's and its the injectors. I test drove a Volvo with the D13 (mp8) that had a bad vibration and miss. Diagnosed injectors and when removed them found two had the tips broken off. No MIL or codes were present.

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Does your truck run good until 1400 rpm and then act dumb? Mine does thta. The dealer said I have an exhaust manifold leak (powers the turbo) and also had a broken stud and broke O-ring on the intake side. They're fixing it now so well see the price damage then I guess. I think I'm looking at $1,500 for the repairs.

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