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Found 25 results

  1. Hello all... I am new to this forum and looking for some information... I recently purchased a 1954 Mack 85LS pumper and will be looking for lots of parts... for a frame off restore. Currently I am looking to find whatever parts are missing from the motor. By chance can anyone tell me where to get a copy of the original service manual or the like. I have already written the museum for info as well. Thanks in advance...
  2. Have a vibration on 2011 MP8 engine. Mechanic changed solenoid on air intake. Still vibrates. Mechanic told me to back off accelerator and get back on it hard and it should stop. Sometimes it did stop, sometimes it didn't. Anyone know why?
  3. Looking for a crankshaft for my 1974 Mack, V8 866 engine. Would purchase whole engine if need be, any info or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Paulie.
  4. Does anyone have experience with diesel retrofits on older trucks? I am looking into retrofit for either Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Diesel Particulate Filter (DFP) and Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) units for a 1988 Mack CF600 (former FDNY pumper). I need a certificate of conformity and getting the retrofit looks possible. Right now I'm starting the research into options and best practices. There is also a program in New York State to apply for assistance. Thank you!
  5. 78 V8 mack 375 where would the ac compresser mount
  6. http://stlouis.craigslist.org/hvo/5231909431.html found this may be of use to someone
  7. I have a 2000 CH613 gravel truck working right now. Im a broker 1st and trying to get into the over the road myself. I have looked at a bunch of trucks and mostly the engines scary me. If you search Cummins, Cat, Detroit, Maxforce you will get a ton of post none are good. I do a search for Mack mp7-8 an the list is pretty short. So Id like to hear from some drivers owners about this truck I dont drive (I do have a CDL) just to busy I spend my time keeping others busy. I do know about deisels and can fix them (was in service and worked on them) Im looking into a 2007 year mack. Any info will help.
  8. Wheen I was a "kid" in 1949 I was a mechanic's helper (no technicians then) and worked on a Mack truck fleet of straight trucks and tractors with the L-head straight 6 EN354 (I still remember the model number), some smaller trucks had a smaller engine. Although I don't recall the vehicle model when looking a some pictures the EH looks to be the one most likely. Were there any other similar models built after WWII and about 1948?
  9. Hello I am working in the philippines in a gold mine and we have reactivated a old Mack truck to fuel some of our equipment until we recieve our new fuel truck. On cylinder number 1 the pushrod is broken in half and we are looking for spare parts. Can somebody tell me the engine model or does someone have a parts manual. Thanks for your help Markus Linden
  10. Hi All, Mack EH with.... Volvo diesel engine in Israel back in those days everything goes, the petrol trucks were too much thirsty, and many diesels engines had been retrofitted includes Dewtz, Volvo, Perking R6/ P6. leyland 0.600, Cummins JBS600.
  11. Just bought a 2002 CL713 with an E7 460 and was just wondering how to bump the rpm's up to run hyd pump for the lowboy trailer without using your foot.
  12. I have an 07 Mack Pinnacle with a mp7 engine. The coolant is pushing through the surge tank and into the reservoir. I took it to a Mack dealer who ran a diagnostic on it. I was informed that there is exhaust in the coolant and was told that to fix this issue, I would have to either buy a re manufactured engine or rebuild mine. I plan on getting a second opinion but am wondering if anyone has had the same issue or knows what the problem might be. Thanks.
  13. Just had recent engine work done to em6 engine. i just had the heads rebuilt from mack and since rebuild oil is leaking from the exhaust studs wtf. anyone know why or how before we rip it apart again?
  14. 2002 CX613 Low oil pressure. Mechanic can't seem to figure it out, Any ideas? This is a never ending story. . . Purchased truck in Memphis while driving it home about 300 miles I discovered oil in water. At that time oil pressure 60 psi. Brought to mechanic, did In Frame. brought it home thought we was good to go. Started it up went down the road a few miles and oil pressure dropped. Cold start 20 psi, running drops to 18. Mechanic has put new rods and mains, head gasket, new sleeves, new oil pump, new accessory shaft, new bypass oil pressure regulator , rings, checked Jake brakes, checked rocker arms. Now mechanic says its the cam bearings. Cold start 20 psi 15 min later 18 psi engine shuts down. 8 weeks later no solution. Picked truck up and now she sits. Anyone had this problem?
  15. hi i have a gunite with DPF, currently the indicator light for the recycling of the dpf is flashing, + the red indicator of the engine is on and i can't initiate the regeneration, parked or running. the orange led code failure is not on, but the display in the middle of dash indicta a active code S231 M144 02Fmi and the is an inactive code P326 M128 11FMI. DPF was changed for a new one, seems to be not clogged anyone have an idea to help is welcome in th shop manual they spoke about coolant and oïl level, they are OK thanks for help
  16. I recently bought a Mack 2000 CH613 E7 350 mack engine 9-speed maxitorque with air suspension. However, I got a report after full inspection that the crank has gone bad and the head is no good. But the shop then offered to swap the engine with a 1985 Mack E6 350 Mechanical . My questions are-1. What are the Pro's and Con's if I do the SWAP or Fix the engine.2. What should I be asking the local shop? This will be my first Mack truck and it is already beginning to sound overwhelming.
  17. I'd like to know a bit about the Mack engines. If you were to build a glider, I know that for many the pre-2004 Detroit 12.7 s60, Cummins N-14 and Cat C-15 6nz would be among the top choices. So if Mack ever offered a glider again, what would you put in it for a line-haul application? What were the good Macks for power, reliability and most importantly, fuel economy? (I don't mean historical engines. No one's going to seek out a 237hp engine in a 450hp world.) Didn't they have problems with the E series? or was it the ASET?
  18. Hello everyone this is a first post for me i have been here before researching a newer mack truck clutch and hi-low transmission control setup, and found good help. I am being asked to help a friend with his 1955 B61. It hasent been started in several years. it was supposed to have had the injection pump rebuilt not to long before it was left to sit for several years. We put some solvent (paint thinner, mineral spirits) in the tank and pumped it up into the injection pump to try and clean it out, get the old diesil to clear out. it wouldnt start not even smoke cough anything is why we did this. Anyway after this we put clean fresh diesil in it and tryed starting it by towing it behind another truck for a couple blocks still not even a cough or smoke. I am not a diesil mechanic but am a ase certified master tech with 30 years of experiance and have worked on a few old diesil cattipillers and managed to get them running. My question to the fourm is does anyone have any knowledge as to the best way to get this thing up and running? The truck ran before it was left to sit. It is in pretty good shape for a 1955. i am just missing something any help would be of great help to me. Thank You in advance.
  19. Hey Forum , Wanting to know where the best place to start looking for a used Renault Motor (besides France ...) for our 2001 Mack Midliner Cabover. I think it's a MS250 . . Hubby says MS300 - - - Someplace near the East coast .... We are In Virginia.
  20. I need info, I am looking into a possible engine swap using the old Renault sourced Mack E-3 but I cant find engine specs anywhere and I have lost all the brochures I used to have apparently. I need to know displacement, cubes, engine length, width, etc. I have found one from a wrecked mid liner and I think its high time someone used one in a pickup truck. I have seen Cummins 8.3 liter installs in Dodge and Chevy trucks and I think I remember the E-3 being a 6 or 7 liter but I cant find it. I would appreciate any info anyone has and if I get to the swap I will definitely keep BMT posted on progress.
  21. I am looking to buy a '65 B-61 that the man says has a Maxidyne 283 with a 9 speed on a 244" WB single rear air ride axle and a 60" bunk. He used it as a 'hot shot' truck and it looks pretty good in the pictures he sent. He's asking $12K for a nearly road ready truck. ( interior needs a little work ) I would use it as a show truck and probably pull a 5th wheel camper. My concerns are the 2 sticks ( he said it's a Roadranger tranny ) and I don't know anything about this engine. I'm hoping some of you veterens on here can give me so insight and info. Thanks, Mike
  22. Can someone explain the difference between two different 1947 Mack "L" Model fire trucks? The Boston Fire Department had several fire trucks delivered during 1947 from Mack. The Model numbers are of a different type, though. For example, the first is Serial # 85LS1152. The second is Serial # 19LS1064. I'm guessing the last four numbers are the individual identification for that truck. But what is the difference between a "Model 85LS" and a "Model 19LS?" Is/are the difference(s) visible? Also, can anyone recommend a good book and/or website on Mack "L" fire apparatus? Many thanks in advance.
  23. It started out sounding like a rod bearing going out ion the aircompressor, on my E9. I changed the aircompressor today, and the rattling noise is still there. I noticed when I turn the steering wheel, the rattling stops. I herd about a factory recall on the asserory drive units. does anyone know what the deal was with that. Any help would be greatly apperiated I run this truck daily and need it back on the road ASAP. Thank you Jeremy
  24. Hello, i'm new to this site and was hoping to find some help in diagnosing this problem. I'm a truck mechanic for a concrete company and we have a '08 MACK MRU with MP7 engine that will shut down while driving. All parameters read normal according to VCADS pro tech tool. Engine shut down light appears on the cluster and beeper starts beeping, engine losses power despite full throttle application just before coming to a complete stop the engine shuts off but will restart right away. different codes are retrieved every time, we have replaced the low coolant probe, engine oil pressure sensor, and the engine oil temperature/ level sensor located in the oil pan. We have also traced a maze of wires looking for a short to ground or a broken wire. Any hints? My concern is, this truck is a concrete pump truck, the last thing I need is this thing to shut down while pumping concrete and decide not to restart! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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