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road trip in the B

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I got home last nite from our trip to the Power wagon rally in Fairfield Iowa ..We put 600 miles on her sunday and a little over 1400 miles total.We hauled two power wagons out and back on our trailer,my sons and Roy Franks ... everything went good except for the last 75 miles or so on the way out when she quit on us..after changing the fuel filter we were back on the road for about 10 miles when she died again.We got going again and made it to Fairfield where I got a copper brake line washer and put it under the top nut on the fuel cannister..it was ok after that..The truck ran great as we could run 66-67 in 5th and 53-54 in 4th high then 4th direct if needed and never had to go to 4th low on the big road...that double over triplex is sweet...I just kind of cruised along at 55-57 most of the way and we got between 7-71/2 mpg so I was happy with that and ran around 185 temp. or so all the way... Saturday we drove it over to Ottumwa truck show where we met superdog and spent a couple hours there before heading back to Fairfield.for the banquet.We left Sunday morning and it rained almost all the way home and every once in a while the old mack just fell down and then would pick up again,usually at the worst times ...up hill....didnt act quite like the filter...just a weird kind of miss and would stumble along at 14-1500 then get going again...very frustrating and pouring down rain...me and Roy checked everything and all looked ok...Went to Roys this morning to unload and had the same miss...just out of curiosity I dropprd the bottom of the air filter can and it was full of water!!!! poured it out,put some new oil in it and it ran ok going back home this afternoon...can we be that lucky??? anyway it was a great trip out and back and hope to do it again next year...thanks Jim

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Whats the second one? new project?


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Nice looking power wagons. The one with the gun pole has a pto winch I presume? Nice looking B by the way. Looks like fun.

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The first dodge is my sons 1941 wc 1/2 ton,been in our family for 25 years...the second one is Roy Franks 1953 1 ton power wagon....the fuel filter canister has a fiber washer under the top nut and was falling apart so we used a soft copper brake washer instead...seemed to do the trick...Jim

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