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Mack V8 emblems


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I too was trying to buy it but was in fear of what it would cost to get it home. I see the V8 emblems are missing then, so someone got them while it was in storage.

From some reason,I thought the emblems were on it,thats why I looked up the old pics. I'll do some digging,I might be able to turn up at least one.

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I remember someone on this site was talking about scanning a V8 emblem and maybe making a decal the same size. Does anyone know who that was? Did they ever try? It might be a way to go until the right emblems are found. I've looked at some online that would be close but I would have to glue them on as I wouldn't want to drill more holes and I'm sure they wouldn't line up.

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McDevitts is a great place to deal with,i've been there several times,and was always impressed at the amount of knowledge the employees/counter-guys have. Not many places left with that level of service experience!...............................................Mark

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I know I guy that can make the mold, I am not sure what he would charge but he is in the local ATHS here in KC, he made a KW shifter knob for our chapter president it looks awesome. If some one has an emblem they want to in trust me with while he makes a mold I will get it to him and then can let everyone know what it would cost.


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