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Road pics. My little endevour


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It definetley wasn't planned. If the grass would of been dry could of backed out. I would get a foot spin and slide back the foot I gained.Idk what happened I just remember turning into the curve and the truck started shallowing up. Dumped the axle to throw more forward and try to plant the steer to the ground even thought I am already 15k up front and was to little to late and had to make a choice. Get it on the road and piossibly lay over as I was already leaning from the drop or ride it out and hope for the best. I was actually aiming for a tree when we finally stopped

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glad to know that every one is all right. how many wreckers to pull you back, and what did you gross. gg2

1 wrecker and he didn't want me to help unless he had a hard time. Idk it is supposed to be between 60 to 68k Figure I was just under 120k. Was supposed to be going after a stripped 349 afterwards and that has been changed with not getting unloaded today. Never scaled

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How did Buster like the ride?

Them floats have a tendency to slide more that a regular tire.

Especially after a recent rain.

Glad you are OK

Buster was just dodging stuff coming off the top shelf so he was more jumpy then usual.

I never have had problems with floats sliding. These have slid more then any other tire I have had. Yokes will never go back up front again. Last time I slid I had Mich on and came in alittle fast on a curve. Rain and cold. Moved half a lane. These have broken free another time and was able to get it back under Luckily Cumberland,Md has a slow speed or I may of been in the wall.

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Me to. It was wild to say the least. Nothing damaged that I have seen and only thing I found today is there is a clicking sound coming from the sleeper. started this evening. Might go look tomorrow, Crawl under and look around. Since the ground wasn't soft and we didn't sink I don't think anything is wrong. They pulled me off the trailer and really don't see anythign bent

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Yeah floats up front, tag axle down, and a wet curve = possible fun rides for sure, I have taken one of those in a dump truck but I only made it to the shoulder (of course I crossed three lanes to get to it). I was coming into a right hand curve and when I turned the wheel I just went straight, I hit the tag axle switch and by the time the weight came up the left steer was in gravel and it straightened up, I think I was down to like 5mph or so I was almost stopped, long trip across a turning lane and an oncoming lane though! Glad all is ok and no damage, those rides are definitely not fun and we dont need to take me if we dont have to, you ready for a steer tag now? lol!

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