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Just talked to a guy today selling this B67.Has B61 emblems,and he was told it's a "57...After stopping to look at it,she's a "61 B67T contour cab.I told him i'd post an honest description and see what the B model public would come up with,he "was" asking 12K before I gave him a bit of a reality check on the year,model and price ranges.Looks like a natural 673 with a 10 speed direct duplex,10:00X20 tires that need replacing.Says it runs drives and stops.Fenders/hoods are decent.Right door and cab side are dented,but repairable.The back of the cab,esp. the lower sections are a bit "mudded up".Single frame appears to be straight and original.Floors are a bit crunchy/soft,fuel tanks are also dented.Bumper and lower shell are banged up.That's about all I know without hearing it run,all there but needs a complete restoration.




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I am with Superdog and everyone else that said $2-$2.5K, my B61 is a contour cab and I have replaced the floor and stuff. Mine when I bought it you could jump in it and go for a drive and it actually ran decent shifted and stopped. I didn't pay anymore for that for mine, and with what I had to put into mine for just parts about $3700 that would be about right. That would put mine at around $6K and I think mine is only worth $7 to $7500 tops.


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