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Had the old Girl out

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So is it blue or black i can't tell, its definitely not red.

"Any Society that would give up a little LIBERTY to gain a little SECURITY will Deserve Neither and LOSE BOTH" -Benjamin Franklin

"If your gonna be STUPID, you gotta be TOUGH"

"You cant always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need"

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I live about 10 minutes from shop.The Ford is also red.When we were in the excavation business everything we owned was painted red.The spec are 169"WB,ENDT676-300 285hp,TRXL107-low hold 5 speed,12000 front,38000 rears,Price when we brought 20 was $44,904.00 in 1979

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Forgot to mention everything is original except for the batteries,tires,and I just put front brakes on it this weekend,since my younger brother wants to get his CDL using it.I had to get it inspected since it has antique tags.Total original miles are 72,156.

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