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When was the first and last Mack tri-axle made?

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Does someone know when the first and last Mack tri-axle was made? I know a company in the akron area was running some DM'S in the early 90's.

But I have not seen any on the road since. I just remember if you did alot of tight turning, you were ripping tires off.

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Mack makes Tri drive Titans now, if I remember right a Tri drive has been available in ch set forward and a granite since they stopped R cab production. I know there are CH/ Pinnacle set forward and granite Tri drives out there.

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Mack made some tri drive with B models in the middle 60's.


Are there any of these B's still around? Don't remember seeing any in tri-drive. Would be nice to see one that was original. What kind of suspension did they use?

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Thanks Dave, Neat piece if history!! Just wonder where new tri-axles are? Who's buying them?

I know in the 80's it seemed like all the construction companies in north east Ohio had them.

Early 90's was the last time I saw a tri-axle on the road. Now it seems to be a tandem with four helpers.

I am a model B & R guy. Would love to see a B tri-axle. Like the spec sheet showed with six tires

would be odd looking.

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Just happened to remember where I saw that. These were the first, and I believe tri-drive is a current production option.

Earl Brunner, that's a blast from the past. Dedicated and passionate Mack people with the same core values as Zenon Hansen, back in the days of Mack Trucks.

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