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50's ? Lowboy Trailer for single axle ------- FOR SALE


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Hi Guys,

I have an older lowboy trailer for sale (IF NOT SOLD IT WILL BE GOING TO SCRAP). Year and mfg. unknown, but has a good PA homebuilt title. All the decking has been removed and pressure washed. Lights all work, but will need brake work for smooth operation...I pulled home with no brakes, so it does trailer well.

Would rate this around a 15 ton capacity ???, main desk is 16 feet long with an additional 5ft to the end of the dovetail. I have no ramps for it as it did not come with any. Also, you will need a single axle truck or a very long slidere to pull as is has a short neck and kingpin.

Located in Williamsport, MD 21795 area and am asking $1600.00 Thanks Doug 301-573-4693 after 5:50 pm




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For anyone who is wondering, I was just in contact with Doug on the original post. The trailer has been gone "for a number of years." If you have something like this for sale on the east coast, I may be interested. Thanks.

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I have a 1973 single axle Evans for sale. The top deck is 8 feet long, the main deck is 17 feet and the dovetail is about 4 feet. I have had the metal all straightened or replaced. The rotten white oak deck has been removed. I have installed new flexible air lines and bought a new electrical cable for it.

EDIT: I need $3500 for the trailer and $22k for both. Located in Central Virginia. 1954wc22plt@comcast.net.


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E6 300 4 valve with lots of work done at a shop and I have paperwork. It was made for Penske and has power steering, air conditioning that works, air operated passenger window and RTX110609B transmission that has .73 overdrive. It was designed to rum 70 MPH. Injection pump and injectors were remanned.

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This fellow doesn’t come on here very much anymore he’s probably tired of all of us bellyaching too much I don’t know why he’s selling his truck probably same reason The trailer would certainly come in handy for a side work I would like to have it myself….. bob

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1 hour ago, The Rubber Duck 006 said:

Is the truck still for sale? If so how much are you asking?

Looks like $18,500.......22,000-3500. Seems about right to me from what I have seen anyway. Anytime one of these pops up on Marketplace they are mid teens to twenty some thousand bucks depending on condition. This one here looks very tidy. 

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