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oh my,,,rowdy rebel...a whole 34 today...


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Happy birthday! Hope you get a a set of these for the porch



 “Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy shit, what a ride!’


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Well, I suppose I should start worrying. Growing up, I always said I'd be amazed if I lived to see 35....I was a bit of a wild child....but now that's less than a year away. We'll see if I was full of crap or not this year. Anyway, the day got off to a wonderful start...wore out that snooze button because I just didn't feel like getting out of bed. I've been turning the furnace off during the day to try to make what little propane I have in the tank out back last the rest of the winter....down to 7% as of last weekend...started the winter at 30%. I've used 50% or more every winter I've been in this house...so I've been debating about buying a 50 gallon portable tank to fill "just in case" I run out a few weeks before the weather breaks. Anyway, yesterday was so nice outside that the house was comfortable enough that I forgot to turn the furnace back on before I went to bed...so it was 55 degrees in the house this morning and I just wasn't feeling like crawling out from under the blankets. The fiance called at 5:00 just as I was hitting the snooze button for the 8th time or so....shocked the hell out of me because she is NEVER up that early. Mom called around 7 as I was getting ready to leave. Grandma called around noon. Just got off the phone with my baby brother about 30 minutes ago. That leaves 2 brothers unaccounted for. Oh well.

I've had dinner cooking in the crock pot all day....Wal-Mart has those Tyson slow-cooker meals with a beef or pork roast, veggies, and a spice packet...put it all in the crock pot with a cup of water, put it on low as you walk out the door, and it's ready 10-12 hours later when you get home. Tonight was the beef roast. I cheated a little, though, and picked up an ice cream cone and a cupcake at my 2nd fuel stop today...I hadn't eaten in about 4 days and I just needed a little something to get me home. No candles, though....my birthday wish wasn't going to come true no matter if I blew 'em all out or not.

For the most part, it was just another day....me & Dozer riding around in the truck all day trying to make a buck or two...


When approaching a 4-way stop, the vehicle with the biggest tires has the right of way!
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