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  1. the en 291 331 and 401 were good engines for what they were, BUT they were overworked and asked to do more than they were designed for and were typically a 100,000 miles engine if you were luck before a rebuild. they were basically made for short hauls, city delivery trucks and small road tractors.
  2. I sent Mike a card, he texted me back, that's about it. was short. I like the 10 dollar idea, don't even care if its 20, but then again I know how some people don't like ''hand outs''
  3. Trying to remember but I think the pic of my b613t was taken at Springfield mass. The quadratic truck makes me sick. Saw it working in NYC the next pic I see the nice chrome radiator shell is missing
  4. interesting how many of the B61sx's actually had the big b80 series front axle. I'm thinkin the black one in the 1st picture might have been a Highpoint garage truck at one time also? I know he had one with a 285 and a hood scoop
  5. I always thought that truck was tacks green . I remember someone talked to George and he said the front fenders were the worst but he did an excellent job. they look proportional, wish I had his drawings or dimensions.
  6. there are variences. ie trucks that sat around in dealer lots, but 59 was the change in radiator shell, 60 they went to circuit breakers instead of glass fuses,59 the wiper motor went outside, 59, the junction box for back cab wiring went on the back driver side cab corner instead of the inside frame rail, the bumper brackets got changes the the style with the angle iron instead of the pipe spacer, 59 was also the year the frame crossmembers changed from the two hole design to the one hole in the middle and the air horns got moved off a pedestal and mounted directly to the cab. 62 was the year the radiator crossmember got changed to the 5 hole design to the two hole design, the door hingecover plates got ommitted, 64 the maplights got changed to the R model style over the back window instead of the two porceling single lights,62 brought on the got aweful push button signal light switch and 64 brought on the key starter switch.
  7. 59 was the grille shell change. most every 59 had the shell along with fuses and 60 had circuit breaker with the new style shell. 59 was also the year the crossmembers changed from the two holes to the one center hole with the tabs for pipe clamps, the air horns went from a pedestal to just solid mount along with the bumper brackets having the pipe tube spacer to the welded in angle iron spacer for the bracket for the tow hook.
  8. 59 was the year the shell was changed and you could just remove the shell to get the radiator out instead of the shell and headlite panels. after around 61 Mack cheapened up the doors, fenders and shells and made them thinner.
  9. I have about aa half dozen of those crossmembers in my pile if youd like one.
  10. Honda ridgeline and even tho I'm a diehard gm guy, the avalanche are possibly the ugliest and least useable vehicles I have ever seen
  11. yup, cracks were not an original option... they get worse with age, and sunlight. I have even seen a few nice original wheels that weren't that bad, get worse on a restored truck that is driven regularly. maybe possibly the excellent pavement surfaces we have in our infascruture lately
  12. really looks like one of George's trucks. Tacks green one was someone elses before to I think before Tacks. you can pic George's out cause of the fender curves I think and why do I think that red one with the sleeper was white at one time????
  13. yup def a B53 but I agree Paul most I ever saw with the floaters had fender lips
  14. nice trucks. is the blue one the one you just bought? or were you the one selling it? either way I liked that truck. nice survivor
  15. my triplex back box shifts hard til its warm to. usually takes 15-30 minutes to get some smooth shifting out of it. greasing the fittings and rods wont hurt either