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 I might have bitched about bitched about this in the past.  ( First off, I've been around trucks since the 1960's - 70's . I started driving in 1982.)   I have driven different trucks , hauled different trailers and loads or equipment. Currently I am lowboying heavy equipment.   The truck I am running is a 2016 KW t880, ISX 525, 18 speed , I believe the rears are 4:33;s . It does ok pulling 11 axle multi jointed lowboy, grossed at 198,500lbs , with a CAT 349 excavator.  Anyway, I was getting fuel in Missoula, Mt. the other day, The truck next to me was a newer KW w900 (mid 2010;s?).  I saw when he opened his door, there were three , four foot high shifters on the floor. When he pulled away from the fuel pump he must have shifted 10 gears in about 20 feet!,  (In a parking lot , that is stupid). I have driven multi stick trannies , And now , I really like the newer transitions  and bigger power. I,myself hate shifting .  It just really makes me laugh that these "drivers" that have never driven "a set of sticks", and now they have a newer big power truck with an 18 speed , that with a normal load , can be straight sticked all day long, now just to be cool and post videos they put another 4 foot high shifter thru the floor for high and low and for the split gears.  I do not understand the new breed???


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47 minutes ago, tjc transport said:

three shifters with knobs 3 inches from the roof are compensating for a small male member in my opinion.

Yep, Plus the Seat on the Floor & Exhaust Stacks you can stick your head down. are in the same League in my opinion.


8 hours ago, mrsmackpaul said:

Well I guess we dont have to understand them

They are having fun d oing it their way

Very True Paul.. Different Strokes for Different Folks..

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"Be who you are and say what you feel...
Because those that matter...
don't mind...
And those that mind....
don't matter." -

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I’m not sure what his problem is from what I’ve seen thier always looking for easier….  only been to Missoula once I don’t remember a truck stop there hadda fuel in butte  Bob

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the  B-815 i drove had the sticks cut 4 inches off the floor so you could one hand shift the quad box. 

the 49 L190 international with a quad box had 12 inch or so sticks. same thing with that, one hand shift. 

when you are up to your armpits in alligators,

it is hard to remember you only came in to drain the swamp..

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55 minutes ago, Mark T said:

Probably my fault Bob.  I'm not too familiar with sending links.

Are usually cannot send them. I just screenshot the link and post it.

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I like big straight pipes but I'm no monkey so I don't need a post to hang from lol. Yup yup these guys buy these 2 and 3 stick kits and call themselves truck drivers. If they had to drive a real 2 or 3 stick truck they probably couldn't git it outta the garage 🙄 

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4 hours ago, 70mackMB said:

This is my favorite from a few years back.    .....Hippy


turned the volume up ; watched many times. brought a tear to the eyes remembering the good days. only concern is the puppies on the mirrors should always face forward to guide the way . see where you are going not where you've been. personal opinion. you know what they say about opinions:: they're like as-oles every ones got one.

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