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Hey TJ, back to generators I have another question I understand with 220 welders they don’t recommend you use too long of a cord  otherwise you lose a lot of amps is it the same way with the power generator and how long would you suggest not to go over if you know 

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i stay under 25 foot on both genset and welders. and i also use 100 amp braided copper cable for my power cords. super heavy, but very little resistance to cause power degradation. 

even with welder leads. i go overboard. i use 250 amp cable for under 50 foot, and have 2 100 foot 500 amp rated cables for when i can not get close to the work.

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when you are up to your armpits in alligators,

it is hard to remember you only came in to drain the swamp..

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See that Bubba we opened up a whole new can of worms speaking up apple pie. Wife is supposed to be bringing me one from San Francisco. I don’t think she’s going to follow through. I’ve been filling up on Christmas candy anyway but the apple pie did sound good..

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11 hours ago, mowerman said:

I was fixing on locking the generator in my garage and stretching a card to the power box. It’s around 100 feet.

Normally I put the genny circuit into the shed to keep the noise away from the house

100 feet is pretty long and you'll need a lot of cross sectional area on the cable to eliminate voltage drop

Go big and them some for your lead as suggested or if you can run the inlet to the shed were you wanna sit the genny

Ive run big long aerials on cattle stations (ranches) maybe the longest would be 1000 feet but voltage drop makes it pretty dear out the other end

Voltage drop will burn motors out pretty quick so keep any eye on it if you can, 5% is the max by law out here, would assume the states are the same 


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I have always wanted to try rhubarb pie but nobody I know makes it and you definitely can’t get it at any stores or bakery’s…at least none I know of. And yes I have always wanted to try plum pudding and also fig pudding like they say in the one Christmas song. Like where do you even get fig pudding?

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