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Pictures of the Week

other dog

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7 minutes ago, other dog said:

Yes, we missed you too, Zina was wondering if you could make it. I'm not sure on the final count, but it was over 700 the last report I heard.

There was still a lot of trucks coming in this morning-


Yesterday was hot, around 88 degrees I think, I was walking around sweating. This morning it was 63, cloudy, and windy, with gusts up to 25mph. the weather thingy said. I made fun of Zina for packing a jacket when we left, and this morning I was wishing I had one. I didn't even have a long sleeve shirt, and it was cold with that wind blowing and no sun!

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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14 hours ago, other dog said:

I saw another picture, it was Albanese Asphalt Paving.

Yup, that is who I thought. Ted Albanese from Staten Island. He has been around for a LONG time as  Quality Paving.

Reason I asked is because I never saw that truck since he finished it.

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when you are up to your armpits in alligators,

it is hard to remember you only came in to drain the swamp..

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23 hours ago, mowerman said:

That DM would look right nice in my garage wow B is also gorgeous… lotsa time invested.. thanks Tom  ya too bad about the screwing you all got by with diesel fuel .. Bob

We paid $5 a gallon for gas somewhere on the way home Saturday. I think we were still in Pa. It was $4.37 here over at the Walmart store yesterday, so we filled up again.

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Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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But you had great time (at least I hope so). And we can fill our tanks only being in this part of reality, on Earth. Sure no point in spreading cash left to right. But sometimes it worth to pay a bit more than would be pleasant for things you can do today since you never know what you will be able to do tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing Tom. I too hope to see more if you find time to upload.

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Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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